Does a Rape Culture Really Exist on College Campuses?

Feminist author Wendy McElroy recently wrote a book on the topic. 

$180 College Textbook Says Capitalism Makes People Poor

'The basic tenet of capitalism—who gets what is determined by private profit rather than by collective need—explains the persistence of poverty.'

Are These Strange Star Signals Evidence of Alien Intelligence?

A pair of astronomers seem to think so. 

There’s No Moral Difference Between a Wall and a Migrant Visa

If, as most Americans believe, a border fence is not justified, then neither is the current system of visa policies.

Why Did the Sexual Revolution Happen?

It may sound naïve, but it’s a good question, and one to which historians, sociologists and philosophers need to put their mind. 

A Culturally Literate Person Knows the Bible

A professor argues that it broadens our understanding of the present.

The Best Way to Teach Kids to Hate History? Rely Only on Textbooks

"Textbooks are so badly written. They're boring!"

Why Professors Are Writing Crap That Nobody Reads

Most academic papers are read by an average of... 

Why Most People Today Are Acting Rather Than Thinking

Alexis de Tocqueville offers some insight.

‘Sweet Land of Liberty’: Colin Kaepernick and Freedom of Speech

Kaepernick is exercising more than his right to free speech.

To Be ‘Innovative’, the West Must Rediscover Its Past

Today, classical education is associated with nostalgia and is considered an obstacle to progress.

The Greatest Generation? What Malarkey!

America’s so-called Greatest Generation is great only in comparison to the rubbish that followed them, which frankly and literally they begat.

Booker T. Washington’s 3 Tips for Today’s Schools

Booker T. Washington’s observations were made nearly a century ago. Are they still relevant solutions for today’s educational woes?  

Lost in translation: five common English phrases you may be using incorrectly

Can we be said to be using a phrase incorrectly if it has assumed a new meaning by being repeatedly used in a certain way?

The Real Problem with American Education?

It may be operating with a simplistic understanding of equality. 

Psychologist: What Happened to Common-Sense Parenting?

Is it possible that we’ve taken parenting to an extreme that is hurting both adults and children?

David McCullough on What's Wrong with History Education Today

An interview with the best-selling historian.

Christianity Needs to Clean Up its Own House

There’s no unity with over 40,000 denominations.

Can We Restore Dignity to Our Degraded Times?

It seems clear to me that both presidential candidates have committed grave wrongs in their treatment of women.

‘Boys Are Stupid; Girls Are Awesome’ – Most TV Shows & Movies Today

On the 'Homer Simpsonization' of men

In Defense of Chores

Chores cement children as part of the household and part of the family while giving them skills they will use throughout life.

Freedom Comes at a Price–And We Don’t Want to Pay It

Plebeians of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your liberty.

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