Instead of Socialism, How About Making EVERYBODY a Capitalist?

The ESOP model would mean every worker is a capitalist who can profit from their company’s success.

3 Simple Criteria for Choosing Books

Three ways adults, parents, and teachers can guide the reading habits of young people.

Why feminists hate Lord of the RIngs

" has been my nightmare that J.R.R. Tolkien would turn out to be the most influential writer of the twentieth century." 

Do Most Humans Long to Be Ruled?

‘Tellingly, none of these Trump-era enthusiasms involve a reinvigoration of congressional prerogatives or a renewed push for federalism and states’ rights.’

Is 'More Diversity' Really the Answer to Racial Problems?

The San Francisco PD wants to 'diversity its officers' in response to racist text messages.

Children Help Adults to Grow Up

Consequently, an absence of children in society will also lead increasingly to an absence of grown-ups. 

Is there a Measurable Benefit to Public Art?

A three-year report offers fresh insight. 

What the Catholic Church Said about the Public Schools in 1852

They voiced the same concerns of many Americans today.

Prof’s CV of Failures Goes Viral (and Why That’s a Good Thing)

It turns out that creating a visible record of failures is an effective way to teach an important life lesson. 

'I’m Smarter than Everyone Else' Disease

The illness can take several forms and it often benefits the well-connected at the expense of everyone else.

Chesterton on the ‘New Rebel’

The modern man rebels against everything.

Does ‘Damaged Masculinity’ Explain the Surge in Gun Sales?

Are Americans buying more guns so they can feel powerful and in control again?    

Can You Pass An Eighth Grade Arithmetic Test from 1908?

These make the NAEP 8th grade sample questions look like a piece of cake.

If you care about your cause, don’t do this.

There was a “triggering” UMass College

The Moment of Conception is Marked (Literally) by Fireworks. Just Watch

A burst of light marks the moment when human sperm meets an egg. 

Should U.S. Schools Encourage a ‘Gap Year’?

There might be more benefits to taking a year off between high school and college than we realize.

Liberals Can Be Anti-Science Too

The sacred cows just look different. 

10 Impressive Insights from Teddy Roosevelt

The Rough Rider had a lot to say. 

Born That Way? The Evolution of Humanity, Sex, & Gender

Is it possible that language as truth is not evolving, but disintegrating? 

4 Common Myths About the Human Brain

The human brain is complex and often misunderstood. 

Psychologist on the Breakdown of Discourse: ‘I’m a Liberal Professor and My Liberal Students Scare Me’

In a debate at NYU, Jonathan Haidt discussed the roots of intolerance across college campuses.

C.S. Lewis’ Uncanny Foresight on the Decline of Education

"We may reasonably hope for the virtual abolition of education when I’m as good as you has fully had its way."

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