America’s Decline of Knowledge: Where Will it Lead?

Calvin Coolidge had something to say on that topic.

Fertility is Plummeting Worldwide

Is the trend a path to sustainability or a 'demographic time bomb'?

Our World Seems Tired of Ideas

Is the era of big ideas over?

Proverbs from the Bible Non-Believers Might Like

The Bible isn't all fire and brimstone. 

Study: Homeschoolers Creaming Other Students on the SAT

Are traditional schools failing to impart the well-rounded course of knowledge which their students need to keep up with homeschoolers?  

Geniuses Possess This One Common Trait

An author and historian says a single characteristic is common among the many brilliant people he’s studied. 

Why Some Gays Are Trying to drop Transgenders from LGBT

There is a movement afoot to drop the T from LGBT. 

The Roman Empire's Financial Suicide

Rome fell to invaders in 476 AD, but who the real barbarians were is an open question.

Constitutional Trivia: How much do you know?

Can you correctly match these facts about the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court to the people they are describing?

Not Everyone Has the Same Capacity for Learning

According to Albert Jay Nock, America's theory of education is off.

Do Today’s Fashions Turn Women into Sex Objects?

In our quest to “empower” women, have we actually constrained them more?

Was Brexit Sparked by Rapes?

Writer Ben Stein says Britain’s exit from the EU was related to an epidemic of rapes ignored by the authorities and the media.

Why Pediatricians are now Treating 35 Year Olds

Who would have thought that childhood could be prolonged this long?

Top 10 Books Taught in College Philosophy Courses

If you want to study philosophy, you're most likely going to have to do it yourself.

Our Culture's Love Affair With Self-Delusion

Meryl Streep's latest film is a parable of contemporary transgenderism.

Literature Quiz: Popular Novels

Prove how well-read you are by naming these books based on a one-sentence summary!

Technology is NOT 'Neutral'

Can we at least agree on that?

Professor: Reality Humans Experience is an Illusion

A professor of cognitive science suggests the world that exists is nothing like the one we perceive. 

Are Americans Becoming Less Patriotic?

65% of Israeli high school students say "It's good to die for our country." Would American students say the same?

10 Federal Debt Facts That Will Make You Feel Queasy

Just how much is $20 trillion?

When Freedom and the Common Good Collide

'You cite radical relativism as the downfall of our society, but you don’t offer an alternative.'

Historian Suggests Trump Would Suspend the Constitution

Princeton historian Sean Wilentz, a longtime friend of the Clintons, said Donald Trump could go full Caesar if elected.

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