High School Apprenticeships: A New Path to Prosperity

A high school apprenticeship program in North Carolina shows we might be going at higher education the wrong way.

The Mob Grows in Strength...

The herd mentality. The susceptibility to propaganda. The philistine disdain for higher ideals.

Are You Unconsciously Racist?

The problem with implicit bias tests.

Politician: Wives Should Withhold Sex Until Husbands Vote

Voting is a basic civic duty in a democracy. But are incentives to vote actually helpful? 

Is There a Way to Stop America’s Minds from Closing?

If we want our children to have a better education than we had will we have to train our children to educate themselves?

'Classical Education' Today Isn't Very Classical

Most people still view classical education as merely a nostalgic throwback to the past.

Humans are Intensely Loyal to Groups that Haze Newcomers. Why?

Hazing practices have a deep history and cross-cultural universality.

Stem Cell Science Could Soon Make Sex Obsolete (or Largely Recreational)

Scientists are close to finding out how to create eggs and sperm in a Petri dish. 

Education Leader Explains 4 Reasons Why Today’s Students Can’t Write

Do you think we would see a drastic improvement in writing ability if we corrected even one of these areas in today’s schools?

These Eight US States have Shrunk in 2016

U.S. population growth is at an 80 year low.

Zoe Saldana Says Trump Won Because Liberals ‘Became Bullies’

Can you guess what happened next?

My Lyft Ride with a Black Trump Supporter on MLK Day

“Here it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I’m supposed to be all upset that Trump attacked John Lewis...."

Why it’s Easier to Create an Extremist Group in Iraq than a Moderate One

It all comes down to two things, says an Iraqi-born writer.

Not Everyone Has the Same Capacity for Learning

According to Albert Jay Nock, America's theory of education is off.

Is it Time We Stopped Viewing Schools as the Best Parent?

When it comes to school, educators always know best, right?

That Teacher Who Got Impregnated by a 13-Year-Old Was Sentenced

The judge did not go easy on her.

9 Truths MLK Taught us about Peace and Nonviolence

Important words to remember during these difficult times.

The Intellectual Roots of Martin Luther King Jr.

Popular culture often overlooks that MLK's ideas and rhetoric were steeped in the Western tradition.

The One Thing Even High-Quality Childcare Can’t Offer

Ivanka Trump wants to provide families with childcare assistance. But that won't fill this one void...

The Myth of Romantic Love May be Ruining Your Health

Finding one's soulmate isn't always going to happen.

Populism Has Finally Beat Progressivism

With a Trump presidency at hand an inescapable historical irony deserves to be noted.

Is it Rational to Fear Corporations More than Governments?

It's a pervasive idea in politics, art, and culture.

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