Not Sure How to Vote? Try John Adams’ Advice.

If more Americans followed his advice, perhaps we would experience a more informed and civil election season than the one we’re expecting.

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know World History?

Test yourself with these 15 questions on world history.

Why Slow Drivers Should Get Out of the Left Lane

Lives are at stake!             

Why has Japan’s Massacre of Disabled Gone Unnoticed?

“There was no hashtag. No public outcry. Not even prayers.”

Users of UK Parenting Website Revolt Against Transgenderism

'I am Spartacus' thread on Mumsnet blows up after some users reportedly were banned for "transphobia."

Is Clinton's Pay-to-Play the Natural Consequence of Big Government?

There is a reason why large companies send millions of dollars to the Clintons and other top politicians in both major parties.

Colin Kaepernick Should Do a Ride Along With Chicago Police

The 49ers’ quarterback, who says police are targeting people of color, might benefit from seeing things from police officers’ perspectives.

The Knitting Revival: A Quest for Life Purpose?

Would we have healthier and happier children if we focused on instilling more basic skills such as knitting, cooking, and other handicrafts? 

How ISIS Recruits and Coerces Children

If adults are unwilling to join ISIS, children can and will be picked up, threatened and coerced to “volunteer.”

What Most Freshman Will Experience Their First Week in College

It took less than a week into the 2016-2017 academic year for several outrageous stories to surface on college campuses.

How Music Training Speeds Up Brain Development In Children

Music training during childhood, even for a period as brief as two years, can accelerate brain development and sound processing.

College Students (and Colleges) Should Listen to Obama’s Advice

The president said institutions of learning should be places where ideas "collide, and people are having arguments."

University Kindly Grants Students Two Hours of Free Speech Per Week

Students can apply to receive one, 2-hour time period every 7 days.

CNN Blames U.S. Workers, Smartphones for Sluggish Economy

'Americans aren't working harder, and it's holding the U.S. economy back.'

Texas Students Strap on Dildos to Protest Guns

On Wednesday afternoon at the University of Texas at Austin, several students engaged in an act of protest.

Quiz: What Should Your College Major Be?

A fun little quiz for the weekend.

Liberal Academics Are ‘Open’ But Are They Truly Tolerant?

Psychologist: 'Data shows that it is very hard for people not to be prejudiced towards people they disagree with, however open they might be.'

Stop Drinking Coffee and Alcohol for a Year and This Happens

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you suddenly dropped some of the habits that you do regularly?

Minnesota Headmaster: Education 'is a Dangerous Business’

An important message given to students in a beginning-of-the-year address.

Student Explains Why Pokémon Boom is Actually a Great Thing

Turns out there are a lot of positive benefits to playing Pokémon Go. Who knew?

Why is the Influence of Literary and Religious Figures Often Overlooked by Historians?

Without Moses there would be no Bible, no Judaism, no Christianity, and no Islam.

Univ. of Chicago Students and Alums Respond to 'Safe Space' Letter

This is how Chicago students and alumni responded to the school's letter to freshman saying it does not support safe spaces or trigger warnings.

A Recommended Reading List – from C.S. Lewis

A reading program for those interested in preserving Western tradition.

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