Why So Many Men Are Friendless

It's seen as a growing epidemic. 

Students are Clueless about the Holocaust

A man-on-the-street video shows just how bad this cluelessness is.

Student Officially Changes Personal Pronoun to ‘His Majesty’

"‘I henceforth shall be referred to as: 'His Majesty, Grant Strobl.'"

Plutarch’s 3 Tips for Choosing a School

Simple wisdom that's relevant for our time.

Tax Avoidance Isn't Just Smart, it's as American as Apple Pie

Judge Learned Hand wrote one of the great defenses of tax avoidance.

How Coffee Drinking Helped Advance Women's Rights

The coffee house was one of the earliest public institutions in Europe, but women weren't always welcome.

6 Signs You’re Dealing With a Sociopath

And four ways to protect yourself.

5 Reasons Millennials Don’t Want Kids

Are their reasons legit?

Can You Pass Geography 101?

10 Questions. Can you do it?

Prof: Kids are Not Learning Anything

British professor Dennis Hayes believes that there is one thing that can transform education.

Political Correctness: Word Police Want More Than Your Words

Controlling language was not the ultimate goal of Newspeak in Orwell’s universe.

Man Wearing Trump Hat Beaten By Mob in California

Watch a man wearing a a "Make American Great Again" hat get cornered, beaten, and chased by a mob.

Future Teachers Are Scoring Way Low on the SAT

It ain’t pretty.

7 Reasons I Can't Stand Politics

Only seven?

Dead Voters Found in Colorado Days After NYT Called Election Fraud a ‘Myth’

That is what you call a poorly-timed editorial.

These 10 States Do the Worst Job Preparing Kids for College

Students fork out $1.3 billion a year in order to learn the basic material their high schools were supposed to teach them.

LAPD Union: Officers Being Instructed to ‘Run Away’ From Threats

An officer who fatally shot a woman who came at officers with an eight-inch knife should have "redeployed" instead of firing, a commission found.

We're Being Trained NOT To See

For all our seeing, it seems to me that in some ways we’re trained not to see.

Why Even Racists Need the Freedom to Speak

Free speech is essential to freedom itself.

15 Frederick Douglass Quotes Worth Reading

Wisdom from one of America's greatest orators and writers, who rose from the shackles of slavery.

How Emotionalism is Slowly Replacing Rationalism

Jane Austen's Marianne Dashwood is a perfect example of today's society, whose every action seems to hinge on an emotional outbreak.  

How Summer Camps and Scout Groups Turn Kids into Citizens

Boy Scouting and many residential summer camps teach essential life skills – such as a cooperative work ethic and active civic engagement.

WOW! Plato's 'Tyranny' Sounds EXACTLY LIKE America Today!

This will give you chills.

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