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What Today's Supreme Court Ruling Could Mean For Schools

The SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage could impact religious schools.

What Does an Education System with “Tracks” Look Like?

The United States is increasingly criticized for having a “one-size-fits-all” public education system. In this system, students of varying abilities, talents, and desires are provided with a similar curriculum through high school and are prepared for the same goal of college.

Are Gifted and Talented Students Being Left Behind?

In our efforts to get students caught up, are we squelching the abilities and interests of our best and brightest students?

Oxford Students Can't Write Either

Writing ability has gone to pot in America.

4 Proven Ways Fathers Improve Their Child’s Education

4 Proven Ways Fathers Improve Their Child’s Education

In honor of Father’s Day, here are four ways in which dads positively influence their child’s education.

Education is Not Magic

If there is not a clear idea of what we want students to learn, and the character formation necessary to learn it, education will be powerless to do anything to improve society.  

5 Picture Reminders That America’s Public Schools Used to be Religious

Several indications showing that public schools were not always as secular in nature as we might think.

Scholars Protest New AP U.S. History Standards

This week, an impressive list of scholars across the nation published a letter opposing the new framework for the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) exam in U.S. History. You can read the full letter here.

NPR: High School Grad Rate "Isn't Worth the Paper It's Printed On"

Increased fudging may be the true reason graduation rates are on the rise.

Should Schools Move to a Year-Round Calendar?

At the end of another school year, questions predictably arise about the continued value of a long summer break.

10 Great Summer Classics Your Kids Will Enjoy

10 Great Summer Classics Your Kids Will Enjoy

Ah… summertime. School is out and your kids are hanging around, complaining of boredom or playing on your iPhone. How do you ensure that your children won’t fritter away their summer in useless activities that fail to stretch their mind?

Minnesota to Highly Qualified, Unlicensed Teachers: Go Away

I am not qualified to teach in Minnesota public schools. Here are my non-qualifications:

Why It's Time for a Different Teachers' Union

The current model began with the industrial “labor and management are adversaries” model.

Technology Makes Bad Schools Worse

Technology—whether in education or other areas of human life—is a tool, not a cure-all. And in schools, in cannot substitute for good teacher.

6 Education Cartoons That Tell It Like It Is

There's nothing like a good editorial cartoon to make you think.

6 Education Cartoons That Tell It Like It Is

There's nothing like a good editorial cartoon to make you think...

Health Insurance Is Illegal

Anything resembling real health insurance is illegal. And if you tried to offer it, they might throw you in jail.

"...they take away our fathers..."

As a society, we can keep trying to fix the symptoms or we can address the root causes.

Fantasy Films: The Obliteration of Imagination?

Films of children’s fantasy stories, while very entertaining, may be counterproductive. If they stifle the imagination, then in the long run we will have a population that continues to have a great appetite for entertainment, but little agility of imagination.

And the Reason Parents Choose Public School is...

Those who would choose a charter, private, or home school largely expressed a desire for better education or an enhanced instruction setting. Yet better education was not the prominent selection feature for those who would choose public school.

Dear Educators: “Privilege” Is Theory, Not Fact

Dear Educators: “Privilege” Is Theory, Not Fact

The idea of “privilege” has been a growing fad on college campuses over the past decade.

A Tale of Two Literature Courses

A Tale of Two Literature Courses

If only 90% of the $13,000 the Eagan district spends per child were placed in the hands of parents (as is often the case with an Educational Savings Account), parents would have more than enough money to send their child to a school like Trinity, which currently charges a tuition of $11,475.

The School System Has Failed Millennials

Our schools may have failed the millennial generation by not giving them the skills they need to succeed, but past failure doesn’t mean we have to continue on the same path with future generations.


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