Would Math Scores Improve if Schools Taught Logic?

"Math is simply a matter of stating the terms of your argument and then defending those statements using logic."

Bullying Video Goes Viral Days after U.S. City Votes to Fine Parents for Child Bullying

The video, shot in the UK, is sickening. But is fining parents the answer to bullying?

Is too much 'stuff' affecting our ability to be content?

Before we complain about how much children cost, shouldn't we examine how many unnecessary things we have?

5 Ways to Tell That Someone is Trying to Manipulate You

People do it all the time. 

The Key Thing That Differentiates Ancient and Modern Schoolteachers

In recent years, America’s schools have attempted to train teachers of the highest quality.

The Woman Who Warned the World about Hitler

The "Tory rebel" lost her seat in Parliament for her opposition to Neville Chamberlain, but was vindicated by history. 

3 ‘Bad Loves’: When Freud and Christian Theology Actually Agree

Christian theology and Freud identify three types of ‘bad love’—and they’re pretty much everywhere in our culture.  

12 Times Calvin and Hobbes Taught Us about Philosophy & Religion

Learn and laugh at the same time. 

Ben Franklin on the Value of Rational Debate

In comparison to the rational debate fostered by Franklin and his fellows, is our debate all too often irrational?

Why are Colleges Banning 'Any Product that Looks like a Cigarette'

Vaping 'culture' is the latest moral panic in higher education. 

The Actual ‘Sword in the Stone’?

Evidence suggests the Arthurian legend was inspired by the tomb of a reformed Tuscan knight. 

Reintegrating the Humanities

A knowledge of literature is not possible without an adequate knowledge of history, philosophy and theology.

True Education Involves Suffering

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet.”

$36M Govt. Ad Campaign Encourages LGBT Community to … Quit Smoking

One prominent religious leader came out swinging against it. 

Audrey Hepburn on Life under Nazi Occupation

"It’s worse than you could ever imagine.” 

Student Detained For Using $2 Bill to Buy Lunch

No, it wasn’t counterfeit. 

Childless Women Now Want ‘Me-ternity’ Leave?!?

The reasoning behind the “meternity” is that women get burned out easier than men and need some time away from the office.

Instead of Socialism, How About Making EVERYBODY a Capitalist?

The ESOP model would mean every worker is a capitalist who can profit from their company’s success.

3 Simple Criteria for Choosing Books

Three ways adults, parents, and teachers can guide the reading habits of young people.

Why feminists hate Lord of the Rings

"...it has been my nightmare that J.R.R. Tolkien would turn out to be the most influential writer of the twentieth century." 

Do Most Humans Long to Be Ruled?

‘Tellingly, none of these Trump-era enthusiasms involve a reinvigoration of congressional prerogatives or a renewed push for federalism and states’ rights.’

Is 'More Diversity' Really the Answer to Racial Problems?

The San Francisco PD wants to 'diversity its officers' in response to racist text messages.

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