C.S. Lewis’ Uncanny Foresight on the Decline of Education

"We may reasonably hope for the virtual abolition of education when I’m as good as you has fully had its way."

10 Ways to Avoid Picky Eater Syndrome

For many parents, the most traumatic family battles are fought at the very place which should be a place of harmony and connection: the dinner table.

Did Noam Chomsky Just Dish a Secret on Socialism in America?

At an event Tuesday, he said Bernie Sanders is ‘basically a mainstream New Deal Democrat.’ Is he right? 

10 Habits That Might Be Killing Your Child’s Interest in Reading

1. Make sure you put a television set and a computer in every room. (Don’t forget the kitchen!)

Why European Children Are Less Noisy Than American Children

Europeans and Americans treat public places very differently. 

This is Why Crows Hold Funerals for Their Dead

Did you know crows are wicked smart?

Black Students Fake Hate

The university had reportedly been suffering from racial tensions. 

Should Children Have Rights?

Is there a way to give children rights without raising them to be ill-behaved little terrors?

U.S. Schools Using Greek and Latin to Boost Reading Skills

One elementary school began teaching Greek and Latin word roots and saw interesting results...

5 Powerful Signs You’re a Mature Soul

Hint: It's largely revealed in what we seek. 

How Parents Are Slowly Ceding Authority to Children

Note to self: You're the parent. You're the parent. You're the parent...

Do Christians Focus On Sexual Sin Too Much?

C.S. Lewis and another important fellow in Christianity offer a few clues. 

5 Differences Between Existential Loneliness and Interpersonal Loneliness

The concepts are very different. 

Is the White House Getting Too Friendly with Google?

Given what we all sense is Google’s heavy involvement in our personal lives, does such close connection and interaction with the government make you nervous?

The ‘Haunted’ Baby Craze in Thailand

Why are Thai women carrying around fake kids? And are they really haunted? 

Is the Current Economy Killing People?

According to the CDC, suicide rates are higher than during the Great Depression.

Canning is Getting Popular Again

Three reasons which may be driving the resurgence.

Kindergartners get little time to play. Why does it matter?

Kindergarten today is a lot different than the one you likely remember.  

Apprehensions at US-Mexico Border Reach 40-Year Low

Is the US turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants?

More Evidence that America’s Education System is Getting Worse

Are parents going to have to take matters into their own hands and fill the many holes being left by today’s education system?

How 'Rights' Have Gone Wrong

The Founding Fathers debated whether the Constitution should include a Bill of Rights at all. 

50-Year Study: Spanking Isn’t Effective

The U.S. has largely resisted the anti-spanking trend. Will that change?

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