What Tocqueville Would Think about Modern Job Jumping

Ever feel that Americans are increasingly on the go?

A Revolutionary’s Guide to Creating a Workers' Paradise

8 easy steps courtesy of Vladimir Lenin. 

To Hell and Back

The autobiography of America’s most decorated soldier in World War II will wake you up to the realities of war.

Students: Midterms, Low Grades Infringe on Our Activism

Midterms, grades, and studying are passé.

Memorial Day message on Battle of Buna-Gona

Worthy of our Inheritance?

I have been blessed beyond measure to inherit a free country because others have fought and many have died. 

How Well Do You Know Your Memorial Day Facts?

Refresh your Memorial Day knowledge with the quiz below!

5 Strange Phenomena Around the World Explained

From 'doors to hell' to crooked forests, the world is full of wonder. 

Who Was Joan of Arc?

A look back on the Maid of Orleans for the anniversary of her death.

10 Provocative Quotes on Education from Ray Bradbury

From the author of the prophetic book "Farenheit 451"

Are Schools Promoting Creativity… or Obedience?

The moment they go to school, they begin to lose the freedom to explore, take risks and experiment.

Organizing a “SlutWalk” Doesn’t Mean You’re Empowered

It’s an inescapable reality—when a woman acts like she doesn’t respect herself, she will never win the respect of men (or other women).

Are Today's Conservatives Actually 'Conservative'?

According to Russell Kirk's 6 Principles, maybe not...  

You Don’t Need a “Passion Project,” You Need a Purpose

Why so much passion for “passion”?

Bonhoeffer on the ‘Levelling Down’ of Society

“We are witnessing the levelling down of all ranks of society...."

Privacy is Disappearing

Guess how many times you're recorded on camera each day?

Healthy: Let Your Beliefs Be Challenged

Being educated means tolerating tough questions about what you believe.

Facebook, surveillance capitalism, and feedback control

How data analytics has gone from measuring to controlling reality.

How an Archer With No Arms Set a World Record

If you haven't heard Matt Stutzman's story yet, you should. ​

Psychologist: Having Children Makes Us Unhappy, Kills Romance

But don't write off marriage with children just yet. The psychologist buried what is perhaps the most salient (and positive) part of his findings. 

Can You Define These Winning Scripps Spelling Bee Words?

You may not be able to spell them, but do you know their definitions?

The Case Against Unfettered Globalization

What sort of political freedom will be left to the ordinary man on the street when all government and all power is centralized in global bodies? 

Should Boys be Encouraged to Live Dangerously?

When I was a child, my father regaled me with tales of how he and his friends once formed “The Boys Army” and spent their days creating original inventions and stockpiling weapons in their homemade fort in the woods.

The War on Poverty is Not Going Like You Think (We're Actually Winning)

An economist's chart reveals that the fight against global poverty is actually going really well. So why doesn't it feel that way?  

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