Looking up at three pillars

Princeton Prof: The 3 Pillars of a Decent Society

Can we even agree on these? 

Cancer patient marrying in bed

Finding the Good in Suffering

'I asked for health that I might do greater things; I was given infirmity that I might do better things.'

Walt Whitman’s (Surprising) Advice to Would-Be Writers

Three pieces of writing advice from the “Leaves of Grass” poet. 

What Quentin Tarantino can teach us about ... Theology?

Dark, violent, and vulgar, Mr. Tarantino’s movies are hardly the first thing one thinks of when looking to derive theological reflection. But ...

What Stalin’s Great Terror can tell us about Russia today

What drove Stalin to commit atrocities on such a grand scale? Lust for power? Blood thirst? Or an emotion even more primal?

Treasury Report: Federal Fiscal Shortfall is $603,000 per Household

New data from the U.S. Treasury shows that the federal government has amassed $74 trillion in debts...

What David Bowie's Childhood Can Teach Us About Madness

Bowie’s family was plagued by insanity. 

What Young America learned about Islam

Read what the ambassador of Tripoli told John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Book Learning Is Not Enough

Experience is also an important teacher.

Boys Today Aren’t Getting Enough Time Around Men

Is it any wonder that there's a lack of good men? 

Can we stop making terrorists and shooters famous?

Isn’t it time for some restraint?


Karl Popper Quotes to Make you Think

Today would have been his 114th birtdhay. 

How Good Is Your Mathematical Reasoning?

This one gave my brain a good exercise. Make sure you've had your coffee first.

Philosopher: No, you're not entitled to your opinion

Plato distinguished between opinion or common belief (doxa) and other types of knowledge.

Report: College Students Spend Only 2.8 Hrs Per Day on Their Education

Spend less time on ‘educational activities’ than high schoolers.

Calvin Coolidge’s Immigration Policy: Relevant Today?

Does he offer some clarity in the emotional immigration debate we find ourselves in?

Why we need to teach political philosophy in schools

Philosophy picks apart the core ideas in political argument. It unmasks the various claims we hear about budgets, manifestos, and referendums.

Is Social Media Tearing Us Apart?

It’s not 1968, but it sure feels like it is. Is social media to blame?

What the ancient Greeks would have thought of Donald Trump

Trump’s behavior and appearance would be viewed as indicating a severe excess of yellow bile – a terrible imbalance of humor.

People Should Be Able to Calmly Discuss Politics

In response to a popular pie chart that’s been going around social media for some time now.

Teacher: Students Crave Ethics Instruction

High school English teacher Paul Barnwell made two interesting observations yesterday.

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