Should Boys be Encouraged to Live Dangerously?

When I was a child, my father regaled me with tales of how he and his friends once formed “The Boys Army” and spent their days creating original inventions and stockpiling weapons in their homemade fort in the woods.

The War on Poverty is Not Going Like You Think (We're Actually Winning)

An economist's chart reveals that the fight against global poverty is actually going really well. So why doesn't it feel that way?  

Magazine Declares the Death of Free Will

Free will does not exist, we're told, but we should believe it does. 

Study: Free Pre-K Doesn’t Give Education Benefits

"On the face of it, our results cast doubt over the value for money of universal early education."

Intolerant Leftists Shut Down Gay Alt-Right Speaker

It’s a wee bit crazy out there these days. 

Was this Man the Founding Father of Fascism?

Was this 19th century historian the prophet of despotism?

Worrying About Being a Perfect Mom Makes it Harder to Be a Good Parent

Mothers–even those in dual-earner families–bear the brunt of parenting responsibilities and pressure. 

What is Law?

Something to keep in mind if the world falls apart. 

Magazine in 2013: Socialist Venezuela an 'Economic Miracle'

Today, the socialist state cannot feed itself. 

Are Homeschoolers Overqualified?

A shocking letter to Mike Rowe suggests they are.

In Defense of Hamlet: No, the Play is not Misogynistic

Shakespeare's man in black is the latest victim of the gender wars. Critics claim he is an "abusive boyfriend."   

16 Politically Incorrect Thoughts from H.D. Thoreau

Warning: Some of these ideas may cause dizziness, shortness of breath, or irritation to conformist thinkers. 

More Evidence of Male-Female Role Reversal?

More employed young men are choosing to live with their parents. Guess what employed young women are doing.

Why We Need Alpha Males

Somebody has to fight the wolves. 

Why We Should Stop Referring to the Brain as a Computer

It's a metaphor that really doesn't work, a prominent scientist recently said. 

Should Women Be Subject to the Draft?

Maybe there is a better idea. 

An Italian Surgeon Preps to Perform Head Transplants

The surgeon has already performed a successful head transplant on a monkey in China. But ethical questions loom. 

We Warned the Japanese…

Still, the bombings of Japan during World War II raise tough questions.

Study of National Differences requires Tough-Mindedness

We probably need more of that these days.

Is Black culture driving the violence in Chicago?

Over 1,100 shot, 74% murdered are Black.

Why the Sex-Selective Abortion Debate Scares Feminists

Philosophically, it’s difficult to square a genocide on unborn women with a slogan that says a woman has the right to choose.

How Pagan Writings Convinced a Famous Atheist to Convert to Christianity

"If I met the idea of sacrifice in a Pagan story I didn’t mind it at all … I liked it very much and was mysteriously moved by it."

Whoa. Are Law Schools Testing the Apprenticeship Model?

The University of Minnesota Law School is piloting a program that will enable students to spend a majority of their third year working in a law office receiving real-world experience instead of sitting in a classroom.

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