Did Pediatricians Really Say More Screen Time is Okay?

Or are they only telling us what we all want to hear?

Video Sums Up "Modern Educayshun"

What happens when equality, racism, and diversity start to dominate curriculum?

Want to See Your Child at School? Pass a Background Check

Are schools trying to remove parents from education?

5 Relationship Habits Most People Don’t Recognize As Toxic

Don't do these things.

Being Moral Means You Can Never Do Enough

Philosophers refer to versions of this concern as the ‘demandingness objection’. Its advocates claim that a moral theory that would ask so much.

What’s Wrong with Civics Education Today (When It Actually Happens)

John King is advocating for more civics education. But are his reasons for it flawed?

Maybe Liberals Are Just Better Utilitarians

Actually, conservatism and liberalism share the same narrative. 

We the People Don't Need a President's Plan

"When we no longer believe we need a president’s plan, candidates will stop offering them."

‘Unhappily Unmarrieds’ – Are There More Than We Realize?

"For me, the concept of being ‘happily unmarried’ doesn’t exist. It’s just a self-protection mechanism against sadness and rejection."

C.S. Lewis: 3 Reasons Why Students Should Read Old Books

"We all, therefore, need the books that will correct the characteristic mistakes of our own period. And that means the old books."

Women Still Need Men

Enough with the man-hating

Should Life Be Happy or Meaningful?

What makes for a good life? We all strive for happiness, but does that do the trick?

Without Self-Education, the West Will Probably Die

We have a world of knowledge at our fingertips, and not many are partaking.

Americans are Embracing Bad Government Because They Don’t Know History

Amazing what propaganda combined with a lack of knowledge can do...

Should I Grade-skip My Gifted Child?

For a large number of students, being with same-age peers in the classroom does not work.

Why Young Adults Can’t Get Off ADHD Drugs

What seemed like a quick fix for busy parents and teachers with energetic kids has now become a serious problem.

Manners, Like Markets, Are Beautiful

“I’m a Gentleman” is a much better leadership slogan than “Make America Great Again.”

Argument: The Christian God Doesn’t Seem Like Such a Good Father

The way some Christians explain it, God seems like a horrible parent.

Why We’re So Afraid

According to a recent Rolling Stone article, we're living in the age of fear.

The Absurdity of Political Correctness Has Reached New Heights

Theatre of the absurd at its finest.

Is the Government Too Involved in Child-Rearing?

“I didn’t set out to be a radical, I just wanted my kids swaddled at day care.”

America’s Ghost Legions of Idle Men

Never before in American history have so many men done absolutely nothing.

10 Things Americans Fear More Than Anything Else

Fear of government topped the list. Can you guess what didn’t make the cut?

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