How the Left is Winning the Social Media Wars

The biggest social media stars represent younger fan communities that skew more progressive than older traditional media audiences. 

Did Dickens Foretell the Modern Women’s Movement?

Will failure to ground our grievances in rational and logical discourse lead us down the path of the French Revolution? 

Why a Gay Liberal from New York Came Out as Conservative

Chadwick Moore wrote a neutral article on Milo Yiannopoulos for a gay magazine. And it changed his life.

Is Patriotism Irrational?

Trump has vowed to promote patriotism in America's schools.  

Motherhood: The Ideal vs Reality

The chaos of children makes for a good life anyway.

Why We Need to Bring Back Archie Bunker

Informed viewers who want good writing, characters, and stories, be it drama or comedy, will be able to absorb any controversial subjects and dialogue.

5 Things Donald Trump could learn from Lincoln

If Trump wants a reset that will help him – and the country – succeed, there is no better guide than America's 16th president.

Miss Manners: Trump is Making Americans Ruder

Miss Manners' mistake is to confuse virtue with good manners.

Presidents Day: How We Got Such a Lame Holiday

When Nixon signed a law in 1971, the day was still officially known as “Washington's Birthday,” but the shift to Presidents Day didn't take long.

8 Reasons You Should NOT Read Great Books

This professor's list may or may not soothe your book-illiterate conscience...

‘Sensitivity Readers’ Are Screening Content for Publishing Houses

Sensitivity readers? How did we get here?

College Illiteracy is Growing

Nearly half of professors say students are not prepared for college.

Why is ‘Person of Color’ Good and ‘Colored Person’ Bad?

A theory of racial euphemisms.

King Lear: A Tragedy on Relativism

Shakespeare's tragedy can be seen as a meditation on moral relativism, a worldview that is ultimately refuted and rejected.

Historical Correctness is Worse Than Political Correctness

Playing gotcha with figures of the past is a dangerous game.

Students in Turkey Value Free Speech Way More than American Students

Why do young people embrace rights not specifically spelled out in the Constitution, but reject the one to which they are given free recourse?  

U.S. Economy Hits All-Time Low in Freedom Index

'New and costly regulations' are cited as the cause in the report, compiled by the Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation.

Wisconsin Students Demand Free Tuition for Blacks

A student association is demanding free tuition for any students with black skin regardless of whether or not their ancestors were slaves.

Respectful Children So Rare that Restaurant Owner Gives Them a Discount

Many of today’s children seem to have a lack of respect for others, a fact which becomes particularly apparent in their poor behavior in public.

Five Ways Nanoscience is Making Science Fiction into Fact

Though nano-techology can’t do everything that science fiction has promised just yet, it is changing the world as we know it.

Why Children Ask 'Why' (And How You Should Answer Them)

Giving a good answer to a ‘Why?’ question is not just a philosophical abstraction.

Nation’s Longest Wed Couple Reveals the Secret to a Good Marriage

A New Zealand couple are honored for their fidelity.

How Religion in America Differed From Religion in Europe

Alexis de Tocqueville noticed an important difference during his travels in the 1830s.  

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