Students Arrested for Sharing Copies of U.S. Constitution

We live in an Alice-in-Wonderland world...

Jefferson’s 1801 Inaugural Address is Perfect for 2017

Would President Trump, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents do well to put the recent past behind and take Jefferson’s sage advice to heart?

Obama's Going to Get Paid

His current net worth is $12.2 million. But that's just the beginning. 

The Oldest Rhetorical Trick in the Book

It's time we got beyond this commonly employed logical fallacy.

PolitiFact Flubs Betsy DeVos Fact-Check

PolitiFact claimed the '‘clear and convincing’ standard is used in criminal trials.”  It's not.

Betsy DeVos' Support for Due Process on Campuses Draws Attack

Critics are riled that the Education Secretary nominee supports an organization opposed to mandates that undermine due process on college campuses.

Does This Philosopher's 30-Year-Old Observation Explain the Current Social Upheaval?

It first made its appearance during the sexual revolution, but has now been taken to a whole new level.

How Teachers Are Doing Violence to Books

These categories end up being imposed on just about every piece of literature that today's students read. 

The Radical Skepticism of Impressionism

The paradox is this: All that is radical must be rooted. 

Is There Room For Pro-Life Women in the Women's Rights Movement?

Media wrestle with who belongs in a ‘women’s march’.

Professor: The Perks of One-Room Schools

Do we have the intellectual honesty and courage to admit that some of the past’s ideas might still be beneficial?

8 Characteristics of a Rational Soul

Nearly two thousand years ago, a well-known philosopher laid out the characteristics that make up a rational person. 

Why Don’t We Call It Rape or Child Molestation When a Woman is the Perp?

Is there a double standard when it comes to reporting rape cases?

Raising Sons in the Age of Trump

Many women find themselves terrified of raising male children in 'Trump's America.' 

British Study Explains What Public Schools Can Learn From Private Ones

It's something we probably overlook all too often.

Don’t Be Outraged by this Teacher’s Dating Advice. Pass it On!

The idea that women and men had different roles on dates was not such a radical idea once upon a time.

Benjamin Franklin’s 4 Steps to Becoming a Great Writer

How did Franklin get to be such a prolific, proficient, and admirable author? The answer is simple...

Would Bradley Manning’s Sentence Have Been Commuted?

In an age in which sexual and racial identity dominate American politics, it’s a question that seemed to be on a lot of minds.

High School Apprenticeships: A New Path to Prosperity

A high school apprenticeship program in North Carolina shows we might be going at higher education the wrong way.

The Mob Grows in Strength...

The herd mentality. The susceptibility to propaganda. The philistine disdain for higher ideals.

Are You Unconsciously Racist?

The problem with implicit bias tests.

Politician: Wives Should Withhold Sex Until Husbands Vote

Voting is a basic civic duty in a democracy. But are incentives to vote actually helpful? 

Is There a Way to Stop America’s Minds from Closing?

If we want our children to have a better education than we had will we have to train our children to educate themselves?

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