About Intellectual Takeout

Learning about Western Civilization through Intellectual Takeout

Intellectual Takeout is an American think tank promoting rational discourse informed by the Western tradition. We do it primarily by engaging millions of readers on current events and Western principles.

Sadly, America is facing an intellectual crisis. Her schools are failing to educate students in the key tools of critical thinking—such as logic and how to formulate an argument—and they’re no longer providing students with a strong base of knowledge of their civilization and its principles. This educational failure has left Americans open to the influence of harmful propaganda and emotionalism, which they receive constant doses of from an overly partisan news media.

Now more than ever, Americans need a refuge for rational discourse; a place where they can rediscover the West’s great tradition of thoughtfully and civilly engaging with diverse ideas.  

We believe that Western Civilization is the greatest civilization the world has yet seen. The West’s guiding principles and beliefs have resulted in tremendous opportunities for human flourishing and the incredibly improved material well-being of humanity that we see today. It must be preserved.

Intellectual Takeout exists to help rebuild the intellectual and spiritual foundations of the West so that it can once again be a light for its people and all the world. We use our powerful communications tools to initiate millions of Americans each year into the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian traditions upon which their country was founded. We provide a refuge for rational discourse so they can thoughtfully dialogue about these ideas with others. Through our work, we are helping to renew America and the West.