Camille Paglia Defends Jordan Peterson, Tells ‘Sniveling’ PC Transgender Activists to ‘Take a Hike’

While promoting her new book, Camille Paglia was asked about Jordan Peterson’s act of civil disobedience. She didn't hold back.

Keep Your Ivanka Trump Hatred Out of My Closet

It is blatantly anti-feminist to be anti-Ivanka.

Julie Andrews Teaching Theater on Netflix Invalidates Your Argument for Federal Arts Funding

Julie’s Greenroom provides two excellent examples for why the arts do not need public funding.

Surgeons in Canada are Harvesting Organs from Euthanised Patients

University of Ottawa professor Jennifer A. Chandler pointed out that combining organ donation with euthanasia could be ethically problematic.

Companies Want to Teach Your Children Values

Only they might not be the values you want the kids to have.

Feminist Author: Women Need to Stop Playing the Victim

Feminist author Fay Weldon suggests that it is men, not women, who can now claim victimhood status.

FBI Agent Posing as Islamic Radical Was at the Scene of ISIS Terror Attack, 60 Minutes Reveals

The FBI declined to be interviewed by 60 Minutes, providing just a terse, one-sentence reply.

Why People Are Freaking Out Over United Airlines’ Dress Code

Two girls were removed from a flight because they were wearing leggings. Was United Airlines right in this move?

Stop Calling the 'Freedom Caucus' the 'Rebellious Far Right Wing'

The New York Times has a habit of carelessly using the phrase 'far right,' Jeffrey Tucker writes.

Are You on Track to Read the Average Number of Books Before You Die? (See Chart)

"If you are reading in order to become a better reader, you cannot read just any book or article."

Americans Slip in Global Happiness Survey. But What is 'Happiness'?

Since the report’s inception five years ago, the U.S. has never entered the ranking’s top 10. 

Why College Graduates Still Can’t Think

They’re being taught, in too many of their courses, to “oppose existing systems.”

John Milton's Lucifer: The Reason People Like Him

It stems from ‘Paradise Lost,’ and there is a simple explanation as to why many identify with John Milton’s Satan.

California Schools Facing Teacher and Staff Cuts—Because They Got Whiter

Walter Reed Middle School is one of nine L.A. schools facing potentially steep cuts because of an increase in their white student populations.

Preschooler Gets Week-long Suspension for Picking Up Shell Casing

Have we gradually shamed little boys into avoiding bold, independent, and enterprising interests?

College Prez: ‘I’m Scared’ by Rise of Emotionalism on Campus

"The robust discussion I have always sought to expose my students to doesn’t seem to be worth it anymore."

Documentary on Yale Reveals How Scary U.S. Campuses Have Become

We the Internet TV's short documentary “Silence U Part 2: What has Yale Become?" is a masterpiece. 

Media and Trump Share Blame for the Death of Truth

The media is committing many of the same heresies against truth that Donald Trump is.

The Blaze Shouldn't Suspend Tomi Lahren for Her Abortion Comments

The Blaze reportedly suspended Tomi Lahren following her comments on "The View" last week. 

David Cay Johnston: Journalism a Bastion for 'Trust Fund Kids'

Journalism has become the province of elite prep school grads and trust fund babies, says David Cay Johnston.

How Motherhood Has Changed over the Generations

Do you parent differently than your own parents?

Grammarians rejoice in the $10 million comma

Seventy-five truck drivers in Maine stand to win millions because of a missing Oxford comma in a legal clause. 

Former Maxim Model Running for Congress–But Shhh...Don’t Mention Maxim

Alejandra Campoverdi is correct that “female sexuality and intelligence are not inversely related.” But is there really a double standard?

Professor: Relativism Destroying Our Esteem for Education

A case for ditching relativism and returning to absolutes?

Writer: We Have to Ditch Free Speech Because Trump Won

The Trump era requires suppressing 'bigoted' speech, a writer at Slate argued recently.

How do you remember a rock god? The complicated legacy of Chuck Berry

Berry’s musical legacy sits alongside another aspect of his life which is all too familiar in the music industry – a history of mistreatment of women.

The Pro-Art Case for Defunding the National Endowment for the Arts

Are we supposed to believe that communities won’t have any creative capacity without handouts to museums that primarily serve rich people?