Former Yale Student Says He Was Persecuted for a Philosophy Essay that Triggered a TA

A former Yale student accused of sexual misconduct claims he was labeled a 'person of interest' because of a philosophy paper.

Telling Women They Don’t Need Men is Not Helpful

Are we sending women the wrong message by suggesting they are "weak" for desiring male companionship? 

Social Democracy is Collapsing Before our Eyes

American civic life is fracturing, and everyone knows it. 

Why Men No Longer Treat Women as Ladies

Has the quest to break down multiple stereotypes and gender conventions served to pigeonhole women into one narrow stereotype of the feminist ideal?

‘The Red Pill’ is a Film Feminists Find Hard to Swallow

'The Red Pill' began as a critical look at the Men’s Rights movement from the perspective of a feminist, but evolved into a sympathetic portrait.

Millennials Postponing Adulthood, Study Shows

Fewer Millennials are married, fewer are living on their own, and fewer own their own homes or live with biological children.

Is the West Worth Defending?

We should respond to the question of whether the West is worth defending by first asking this:  Which West are we being asked to defend?

Prof Explains Why Black Families are Rejecting Public Schools

It is generally assumed that black families are big fans of public schooling, but that assumption is dated.

Socialist Mechanic Schools Agitators Disrupting Charles Murray Speech

A Charles Murray speech was interrupted again, this time at Villanova. But an old-school socialist arrived and delivered a message to the agitators.

Why Can't the VA Fire an Employee Caught Watching Porn?

New VA Secretary David Shulkin's crackdown on "people who don’t show up to work, do cocaine, and watch porn at work” is off to a bumpy start.

Millennial Men Want Stay-at-Home Wives—But that Doesn’t Make them Cave Men

Evidence shows that increasing numbers of younger men are looking for stay-at-home wives.

Social Isolation is Dangerous to Democracy

Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam warned that people divorced from community "are first and foremost among the supporters of extremism.”

Black Mirror's 'Nosedive' Reveals that Dystopia is Closer Than You Think

The Netflix science fiction show 'Black Mirror' a few years ago portrayed a dystopian future in which people instantly rate every encounter they have.

Jordan Peterson Shouted Down at McMaster University in Ontario

Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, attempted to speak at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

5 Keys for a Happy Marriage

Fundamentals for making it work.

Yet Another Student Thwarted by PC-Police for Distributing Constitution Copies

Such incidents are the natural outgrowth of a hyper-sensitive society.

Why We Should Bring Back 'Ma’am' and 'Sir'

Since when has it been weird to be polite?

How Media Use Photography as Propaganda

How Media Use Photography as Propaganda

"What I saw in New York magazine is something I would never present to a client," said Jay Caruso, regarding an image of Kellyanne Conway.

Has Children’s Clothing Become Too Sexualized?

By encouraging children to adopt sexualized, adult clothing, are we inadvertently promoting attitudes of disrespect both for themselves and others?

College 'Diversity Council’ Posts Fake Racist Flyers, Stoking Fear and Sparking Outrage

The flyers read: “A Notice to All White Americans. It is Your Civic Duty to Report Any and All Illegal Aliens....America is a White Nation."

College Prof Says he was Fired for not Dumbing Down his Course

Nathaniel Bork, a philosophy teacher in Colorado, was fired after questioning the Community College of Aurora's new "student success initiative."

Gender Pay Gap Myths (and Truths)

The gender wage gap is not as simple as either the defenders of markets or their feminist critics make it out to be. 

Camille Paglia Defends Jordan Peterson, Tells ‘Sniveling’ PC Transgender Activists to ‘Take a Hike’

While promoting her new book, Camille Paglia was asked about Jordan Peterson’s act of civil disobedience. She didn't hold back.

Keep Your Ivanka Trump Hatred Out of My Closet

It is blatantly anti-feminist to be anti-Ivanka.

Julie Andrews Teaching Theater on Netflix Invalidates Your Argument for Federal Arts Funding

Julie’s Greenroom provides two excellent examples for why the arts do not need public funding.

Surgeons in Canada are Harvesting Organs from Euthanised Patients

University of Ottawa professor Jennifer A. Chandler pointed out that combining organ donation with euthanasia could be ethically problematic.