Instant New Year’s Resolutions from Ben Franklin

“Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.”

Why does evil triumph?

Thomas Jefferson might have the answer.

Teenagers: They can achieve so much more

We need an education system that helps teens reach their full potential.

5 Crucially Important Reminders about Technology

Technology is never an unmixed blessing. 

Used Bookstores Experiencing a Revival

It’s encouraging to hear that there are still some folks who are seeking to feed their minds and expand their thinking.

This Doctor Nails the Problem with American Parenting

This Doctor Nails the Problem with American Parenting

Kids need an authority figure, not a friend.

Why We Live in a World of Propaganda

3 reasons in particular...

Have Women Played a Role in the Feminization of the American Male?

Have Women Played a Role in the Feminization of the American Male?

It's a question we should seriously consider...

Learning from Lynyrd

Time to be a simple man? 

Is this what we’ve become?

Divorce and an absent father are no laughing matter. 

Have you thanked a retail worker?

It’s the little things that make the world better.

The Superman Pathology

Some think too highly of themselves.


While all of the negative articles about Millennials are valid, they don’t apply to the entire generation of 80 million.

Good, simple advice for Christmas

It's all about attitude.

Is it 'Revolutionary Millennialism'?

There is a desire that animates many of us.

Norway has to teach immigrants not to rape women

No, not all cultures are equal. 

Science: Drinking in Moderation is Good for Your Health

"Moderation in all things..."

When It Comes to Job Qualifications, Are Skills More Important than a College Degree?

Something that students and employers alike need to consider.

5 Un-PC Quotes about Christmas from Past Presidents

When it was okay to refer to the religious significance of Christmas.

Two-Parent Households at an All-Time Low

Should Americans once again embrace the value of the two-parent family?  

C.S. Lewis on the Deadly Sin of Gluttony

C.S. Lewis on the Deadly Sin of Gluttony

There's "gluttony of excess," but what about "gluttony of delicacy"?

Public school asks students to sing ‘Allahu Akbar’

There is no value-neutral education. What's the solution?

The Problem of Neutral Rhetoric

Every political argument makes a moral claim. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it is one that those who craft our political rhetoric seem determined to obscure.

Good Grief! Public School “Neutralizes” A Charlie Brown Christmas

The school district’s superintendent noted that the play was “modified to neutralize all views.”

Are People Overreacting to Olivia Wilde’s Pic of Her Toddler’s Butt?

The photograph has stirred up controversy, and questions about the obligation of parents to protect their children’s images.

Poll: Millennials want a Crusade

The hypocrisy is rich.

Why 'Star Wars' Gives People Meaning

The frenzy surrounding the movies shows modern society’s hunger for meaning. 

Has Feminism Caused Bad Manners?

According to The New York Times, manners are increasingly falling by the wayside, and parents are beginning to take notice.