Is ISIS an ‘existential threat’?

This month, yes. But back in July, the incoming chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff told a Congressional committee that it was Russia.

How do you fix bad parenting?

Education plays a big role, but the current system seems incapable.

Most Americans Say Children Today Need More Discipline

Have many parents unwittingly encouraged their children to be demanding, self-centered individuals?

Is the Invisible Life Worth Living?

We live in a culture that largely attaches meaning to visibility.

Is Civilization Yielding to Barbarism?

It seems Samuel Huntington was pretty close to the mark. 

What's the Greater Threat?

Perhaps the greater enemy is within.

Poll: Lots of Whites are Feeling Oppressed

Anxiety, nostalgia, and mistrust run deep in white America.

Secrets of Septuplet Success

Would more American parents be wise to instill their children with the same mentality on which the McCaughey septuplets have been raised?

What Bureaucrats Secretly Crave

It starts with a ‘P’.

Does "Little Women" Get the Marriage Concept Wrong?

A statement from Amy makes us wonder.

Mesa Verde and the Refugee Question

The historical record reveals more about the clashes of cultures and civilizations.

Time to be a Prude

“Turn Down for What” reveals how far we’re fallen.

Does the U.S. Still Believe in Assimilating Immigrants?

There are fears that immigrants are no longer being assimilated in the deeper ideals that underlie American identity.

Why Kirsten Dunst Appreciates Chivalry

Ms. Dunst appreciates the male who treats her like a lady and exhibits gentlemanly characteristics.

EDUCATION is a Privilege

It's worth a reminder.

Chesterton Defends the Crusades

Who did what first matters. 

More Pushback Against Black Friday?

Do Americans need to take advantage of the time of rest before it’s completely gone? 

What American Students Learned about the Pilgrims in 1913 vs. Today

Do the Pilgrims deserve more than two paragraphs in today’s history textbooks? 

The Father of the Big Bang? A Catholic Priest

Yes, the religious can be quite rational.

One Recommendation for Being a Good Debater

A good lesson from MacDonald's 'The Princess and the Goblin'. 

Is this where equality takes us?

Colorado Springs’ police physical fitness test is discriminatory. 

Another Trophy is Claimed at Missouri

Due to student pressure, a professor resigned. 

The Threat to Free Speech at Missouri

Even the police are in on it.

Why You Should Stay in Your Hometown

Americans should stop to consider: perhaps permanence—the guardian of family, tradition, practical wisdom, environment, and culture—is worth it.

5 Historic Quotes for Veterans Day

Many years ago, my little sister was given a school assignment to write a thank-you to a veteran. In her childish scrawl, she sent a thank-you card and picture to our grandfather, who served in World War II.