We're All Narcissus Now

Mirrors and smartphones, self-love to death.  

Was Hungary Right to Build a Wall?

A little country says 'no' to Syrian migrants. 

11 Sobering Quotes from Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn

From the great Russian novelist (1918-2008).

Ben Franklin never forgot this conversation with his father...

The story according to Nathaniel Hawthorne.

This Feminist is SO NOT a Caitlyn Jenner Fan

When one PC agenda collides with another, this is what it looks like.

Good job, REI!

Some folks are getting paid for taking Black Friday off.

Really, Mr. President?

When only 22% of Black students are reading at grade level, you shouldn’t be sending congratulations.

Makers vs. Takers

The little red hen did all the work.

This 1848 Essay Perfectly Portrays the 2016 Election

If we want sanity restored to U.S. elections, then perhaps we would be wise to follow this advice.

These John Paul II Quotes will Cause a Stir

He covers socialism, the market, poverty, the environment, and the family. 

Viktor Frankl on Finding Meaning in Suffering

Learn from someone who survived Auschwitz. 

Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Handgun Bans

Only a quarter of Americans believe that handguns should be banned.

Sex is Dangerous

Your life can be ruined in a flash. 

You won’t believe how little Boomers saved

If you’re young and have nothing saved, be glad you’re not old with nothing saved. 

New Study: Marriage is Better for the Economy

States with higher marriage rates also have a higher GDP.

5 Dangers of TV

“Of all the things in my life, it was such a waste of the short time I had.”

Boomers: You Made Us

Rather than constantly ripping their children, perhaps it’s time for Boomers to make up for what didn’t happen long ago. 

Why Everyone Should Be an Ascetic

"Asceticism" is related to the word "ethics."

Should We Ditch Bike Helmet Laws?

Safety laws have caused kids to ride less. 

Plato Nails Democratic Man

“He is all liberty and equality.” 

Atheists Increasingly Attending Divinity Schools

Atheists Increasingly Attending Divinity Schools

Surprisingly, the shift is not driven by atheist students seeking to invade and overtake the realms of religiosity.

Target Porn

It seems there are still people out there with traditional sensibilities about sex and language.

C.S. Lewis on Fapping

C.S. Lewis on Fapping

Keeping a harem of imaginary brides.

Americans Don’t Even Know How to Make Their Own Food Anymore

"Less than 60% of dinners eaten at home are cooked there."

Topless Feminists try to Sack Cathedral

It seems tolerance is a one-way street for some. 

Africa Will Rule the World?

UN: By 2100, Africa will be home to almost half the world’s children under 18

Shakespeare is Being Translated... Into English

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”… Uh, I mean, “That makes me real sad.”

Welcome to the Draft, Ladies

Now that equality sweeps the military, women will likely be drafted too.