Stop Freaking Out Over Talent—Everyone Can Sing

Children are natural musicians, as they readily sing, dance and play music from the time they are infants.

Sean Hannity ‘Pulled a Gun’ on Juan Williams CNN Claims, Sparking Twitter Feud

Dylan Byers of CNN claims sources tell him Sean Hannity "pulled a gun" on his friend and co-host Juan Williams. 

These School Districts Stopped Disciplining Students, and Chaos Ensued

And students are recognizing this... Big Time.

Amy Schumer’s Crudity is Boring, Not Clever

Is the increase in society's crudity a sign that intelligence and wit are in decline?

When Euthanasia Becomes Murder

When Euthanasia Becomes Murder

“Legalizing euthanasia doesn’t empower you... It empowers doctors.”

Professor: The Reason College Students are ‘Helpless’ is…

Professor Lori Isbell weighs in on why her students need continual hand-holding to get through an assignment.

How an ESPN Announcer's Career Was Destroyed by a False Accusation of Racism

Was ESPN announcer Doug Adler falsely accused of calling Venus Williams a "gorilla"?

How Arrogance Makes Obnoxious People Popular

Humans tend to be fascinated by arrogant people, but they don’t want to live like them. 

Study: Kids Relying on Google to Learn Basic Life Skills

The Addis Housewares study found over half of mums just don't have the time to teach their kids domestic know-how.

‘Recess Coaches’ are Being Hired by Schools to Manage How Kids Play

"Children no longer play because we have taken from them the opportunity and, I’ll insist, even the capacity to play."

Most People Now 'Think' in Pictures

"Experience tends to show that a person who thinks by images becomes less and less capable of thinking by reasoning..."

Is Google a Good Place to Get Medical Advice?

Three out of five people (58%) admit they Google health information to avoid seeing a health professional.

When Equal Access Means Zero Access for All

Once the government gets involved in a scuffle, everybody loses.

BBC Interview Interrupted by children

Hilarious BBC Interview Reveals more than Children

"All the World's a Stage" - Shakespeare can teach us a deeper reason for this interrupted interview going viral. 

Clare Boothe Luce: A Feminist of a Different Kind

Known for her sharp mind and tongue, Clare Boothe Luce was a formidable intellectual and politician who gave birth to a number of memorable quips.

Mother Scolded by School for Slice of Cake in Child's Lunch

The rapid rise in unelected “experts” telling parents how they should raise, feed and educate their children is alarming.

Why Americans Pay Triple the World Price for Sugar

Washington is once again massively screwing up the American sugar market.

Police Cite Bogus ‘New Law’ to Get Uber Driver to Stop Recording

Jesse Bright was only moonlighting as an Uber driver. He’s also a criminal defense attorney.

Steve Jobs on Why He Hated Pornography

His answer was a bit confusing, but the response sheds light on an important philosophical dilemma of our age. 

Homeschooler Edith Fuller Becomes Youngest Qualifier of National Spelling Bee

Would we see more Ediths rise to the surface if our education system placed greater emphasis on incorporating the family into learning?

Portugal is Winning the War on Drugs

In 2001 Portugal shocked the world and voted to decriminalize all drugs in response to a growing heroin problem. The results are impressive.

Why does International Women’s Day Ignore Motherhood?

Our big sisters at United Nations headquarters in New York have other plans for women.

Hoop Earrings No Longer Politically Correct for White Girls

"White Girl, take off your hoop earrings!!!" was recently written on a free speech wall at Pitzer College.

Why We Should Fear the Deep State

Analyzing the ABC’s of civil-military relations.

Our Culture Degrades Women by Trying to Make Them Men

"Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness."

Middlebury Riot Shows the Veneer of Our Civilization is Thin

Video of the ugly scene in the lecture hall at Middlebury College has emerged.

The College Textbook Racket

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw has banked an estimated $42 million for his textbook 'Principles of Economics,' reports say.