Loneliness is Killing Us

Loneliness is Killing Us

That’s the claim made by George Monbiot in a column for The Guardian.

An Education We're Missing Living in Cities

Divorced from nature, we do not have as many examples or experiences to pull from.

What matters in life?

W.B. Yeats digs into it.

The Universal Orphanage

The alternative to the vigorous family.

Shouldn't Black Lives Matter Express More Outrage About This?

By all accounts, the education system has failed the black community.

The Economist's Very Balanced Article on Black Lives Matter

BLM has some legitimate complaints, but their excessive rhetoric may work against them.

We Need More Gentlemen Today

Take a look at Newman's famous description of one.

Why Government? We're Not Angels

And because some of us are rather beastly...

To Mow or Not to Mow?

An Ohio woman refused to mow her lawn.

Not a Fan of the Term 'White Privilege'?

Here are 7 possible reasons why.

The Intellectual Storm Upon Us

The storm may be upon us, but if we work the soil and plant the seeds today there will be hope for tomorrow.