I’m Not a Terrible Person, I Just Believe in Liberty

I’m Not a Terrible Person, I Just Believe in Liberty

Freedom as a life philosophy and free-market economics are about civil rights and allowing the people who need it most to build wealth.

TV Actor Discovers His Inner 'Ron Swanson' After Trying to Start a Business

TV Actor Discovers His Inner 'Ron Swanson' After Trying to Start a Business

In his video entitled, Nick Offerman's 'The Offerman Distillery', the actor attempts to open his own distillery--but runs into trouble.

Trump’s Tax Breaks Are Not a ‘Gift' for the Rich

Trump’s Tax Breaks Are Not a ‘Gift' for the Rich

There is a tendency by some public finance analysts to mischaracterize tax breaks as a 'gift to the rich.'

How America Became Class Conscious

How America Became Class Conscious

Class is changing in America, as are our perceptions of it.

Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Venezuela

Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Venezuela

Venezuela was held up as a model of socialism a few years ago. Today, people are literally starving and will wait hours in line to buy toilet paper.

Bill Nye’s Doomsday Predictions on Overpopulation Get Lambasted

We the Internet TV just rolled out a new video on ‘the Science Guy’.

There’s a Simple Reason Why More Women aren’t CEOs

A recent study in Scientific American explains why.

Millionaire to Millennials: If You Want to Own a House, Stop Buying $19 Avocado Toast and $4 Coffee

It’s no secret that we’ve become an instant-gratification culture.

You Can't Deny that Venezuela is a Socialist Calamity

As Venezuela descends into a nightmare of starvation and violence, the long-standing debate over the feasibility of socialism takes on new relevance.

New Survey Shows Americans Have Soured on Higher Education

A new survey shows that Americans think a lack of college brings disrespect.

Everybody Hates Capitalism but Nobody Hates Netflix

Remember when you had to go to Blockbuster to rent an actual movie?

How Government Regulations Made Healthcare So Expensive

The U.S. “health care cost crisis” didn’t start until 1965.

North Carolina’s Apprenticeship Program Offers Big Potential at Small Cost

Apprentices can expect to boost their lifetime earnings by around $300,000 over their peers who only complete high school.

What's So Bad about the Empire?

What does Emperor Palpatine actually do with his power?

Why is Humility Important?

Humility doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself. It means thinking of yourself less.

Why are Men Getting Shut Out of the Workforce?

The number of prime-age men in the labor force is declining with each generation.

Why Do People Become Communists, and Why Do They Stick With It?

There is no rational case for communism... so why do people go for this stuff?

Free College Works--If You Want to Help the Rich

England ditched free college because it only increased inequities between rich and poor.

The Pope's Favorite Straw Man: 'Individualism'

If Pope Francis wishes to identify institutions that breed conflict and poverty, he'd do better by turning his attention to states and big banks.

How May Day Went From a Religious Holiday to a Socialist One

Communist countries have enshrined May Day as one of their most important holidays, often marked by elaborate workforce parades. 

Pope Francis Has Forgotten the Church’s Own Grand Libertarian Legacy

The seeking of the good of all does not require the violation of individual rights and interests.

The NFL Draft and the Division of Labor

In Plato's Republic, Socrates says that specialization is advantageous, because "we are not all alike."

Trump’s Tax Plan Is Brilliant Politics and Even Better Economics

The hare-brained idea of a “border adjustment tax” is toast.

The Main Trait That Sets Vocational Students Apart From College Kids

Those who pursue the vocational path aren't dumb; they often possess the very traits employers are looking for.

Your Socialism Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

But the bad news about socialism is not limited to economic deprivation for the masses. The system also leads in many cases to totalitarianism.

Why Politicians Win (and Workers Lose) Under Socialism

The U.S. is not fully socialized, but already we see the disastrous effects of a politicized society.

Busting the 'Free College' Myth

If one looks beyond the headlines, one will see New York's free tuition program is just another scholarship program.

How the Ethanol Mandate is Destroying America’s Prairies

According to a new report, 95% of the 240 million acres of prairie land that once blanketed the American interior is now gone.