Steve Bannon: Not a Fan of Limited Government

Donald Trump's top strategist said limited government Republicans are not "living in the real world."

Milton Friedman on 'the Major Fault of the Collectivist Philosophy'

In his 1951 essay “Neo-Liberalism and its Prospects,” Milton Friedman predicted a retreat of collectivism few saw coming. 

Six Graphs that Reveal Big Problems for Student and Auto Loans

Forget the housing bubble. These graphs show we're heading for some serious problems in the auto and student loan arenas.

Feminist Author: Women Need to Stop Playing the Victim

Feminist author Fay Weldon suggests that it is men, not women, who can now claim victimhood status.

Learning Opportunities From Our Partners at FEE

FEE's program recently was named by Forbes as a top summer high school program. Mention the word TAKEOUT in your scholarship application!

Stop Calling the 'Freedom Caucus' the 'Rebellious Far Right Wing'

The New York Times has a habit of carelessly using the phrase 'far right,' Jeffrey Tucker writes.

Court Rules That the Truth about Milk Can Finally be Told

A Florida creamery sues the government and wins the right to be truthful in its advertising.

How the Government Ruined US Healthcare — and What Can Be Done

When government gets involved in healthcare, everything looks like another number, another statistic.

Five Graphs That Will Change Your Mind About Poverty

Despite public perceptions to the contrary, extreme poverty has declined significantly, to the point where its end may actually be in sight.

Only Markets Can Defeat Poverty

The more government tries to “help,” the more the poor are denied choice, mired in dependency, exploited by bureaucrats and politicians.

While Politicians Bicker, Medical Care is Quietly Evolving

Will this revolutionize the healthcare industry?

18 Domestic Cuts Trump is Proposing in New Budget

Donald Trump's budget director Mick Mulvaney has assembled a thoughtful array of cuts.

6 Charts that Show the Divide Between Rural and Urban America

Sociologists, economists, geographers and historians describe the divide from different angles.

The Irish Potato Famine: What Caused It?

Did the English create the Famine on purpose as some have theorized?

Trump Budget Aims to Take Politics Out of Science

The targeted cuts would have a positive impact beyond the US debt clock.

Left-Wing Economics Is No Match for Alt-Right Resentment

Two high values of the Left, diversity and welfare statism, are an unstable and electorally incompatible mix.

Full Repeal of ObamaCare Would Cover More People than ObamaCare-Lite Bill

Full repeal ObamaCare’s health-insurance regulations would cause premiums to fall for the vast majority of consumers. 

Forget Immigrants. Technology is Killing Jobs

No one is talking about the real job-killer: technology.

Which States Are the Biggest Moochers?

Since the 2016 election, some Trump critics have trotted out data alleging that states that voted for Trump receive the most federal funding.

Why Americans Pay Triple the World Price for Sugar

Washington is once again massively screwing up the American sugar market.

Apprenticeships Offering Students a New Way Forward

Let’s face it: not many young Americans – nor their parents – have $100,000 to throw at four years of college.

Portugal is Winning the War on Drugs

In 2001 Portugal shocked the world and voted to decriminalize all drugs in response to a growing heroin problem. The results are impressive.

Our Culture Degrades Women by Trying to Make Them Men

"Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness."

Do Top Spending States Get Better Educational Results?

Is it the case that every low-spending state performs better than those who dish out more money?

Which States Spend the Most Per Student?

Compared to a generation ago, the cost per pupil is a bit staggering.

The College Textbook Racket

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw has banked an estimated $42 million for his textbook 'Principles of Economics,' reports say.

Entrepreneur: Why I Left the Left

An entrepreneur who spent nearly a decade in ‘hard’ left movements explains why he abandoned the left.

Why Aren't More Schools Teaching Students How to Balance a Checkbook?

Would more schools be wise to carve out a little time to teach these important “adulting” skills before kids graduate and move on to college?