My Lyft Ride with a Black Trump Supporter on MLK Day

“Here it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I’m supposed to be all upset that Trump attacked John Lewis...."

Not Everyone Has the Same Capacity for Learning

According to Albert Jay Nock, America's theory of education is off.

Gun Shop Creates World’s Best-Ever Receipt

It can teach a crucial lesson on the importance of tax visibility. 

Americans are Charitable without the Government’s Help

Who is better equipped to help the poor: bureaucracy or caring citizens?

Nat Hentoff Will Be Missed

Nat Hentoff, a fearless intellectual and champion of civil rights, died last week.

What Puerto Rico Can Teach Us About Minimum Wage Laws

The economies of the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands tell a common story.

College Shouldn’t Be Considered the Only Option for Success

Pushing everyone toward college can only lead to disillusionment and lost opportunities for both the student and society at large.

How to Get Ready for the Economic Recession Coming in 2017

Even though many indicators look amazing today, if history is any guide, we are due for another economic downturn.


Has Society Forgotten How to Be Responsible?

Would we see a more functional, thriving population if Americans began embracing responsibility instead of thrusting it off on others?

If Women are Better Doctors, Aren’t Men Better Firefighters?

If the Left is willing to admit that men and women might not be the same, for consistency’s sake, it had better prepare for the consequences.

A Tribute to Robert Leo Hulseman, Inventor of the Red Solo Cup

He didn't have a Wikipedia page, but Hulseman created an efficient, inexpensive product used by hundreds of millions (and he employed thousand more).

Why I Rent a Tiny Apartment Rather than Buy a Big Home

My ideal home has two rooms: a bedroom to sleep in, and a kitchen to cook in.

The Reason Barack Obama Failed

Despite his intelligence, erudition, earnestness, and public-relations genius, Obama failed  to address the driving concern of Americans.

C.S. Lewis on the Christmas “Racket”

"It gives on the whole much more pain than pleasure."

Team Solo or Team Vader?

Should we dismiss Han Solo as a selfish, self-serving misanthrope? Should we resent the rebels as enemies of order and authority?

The Classic Christmas Movies That Say Taxation Is Theft

And it happens in the first 30 seconds of the film. 

Why the Hell Are Politicians Trying to Run Airlines?

Charles Schumer is upset that an airline wants to charge people for overhead space.

The Story Behind Charles Dickens' ‘A Christmas Carol’

Originally he had intended to write a pamphlet called “An Appeal to the People of England, on Behalf of the Poor Man's Child.”

About Those Apparitions Who Shook Down Scrooge for Money

What was the real purpose of this psychological waterboarding?

The Racist Roots of Progressivism

In the early 20th century, most progressives viewed as cutting-edge science what today looks like simple bigotry.

Old Man Potter: The Real Hero of 'It's a Wonderful Life'

While the Baileys squandered their investors’ money on subprime loans, Mr. Potter was employing half of Bedford Falls. 

The Pentagon is Even More Bloated than You Thought

A buried report commissioned by the Department of Defense found $125 billion in administrative waste.

In Defense of Trump’s Deal with Carrier

Tax breaks for specific companies are less ideal than broad cuts of business taxes, but they should not be confused with taxpayer subsidies.

Mike Rowe on the College President Who Ditched the Flag

Why is it that no one burns flags at trade schools?

NYU Serves Up Unique Way to Cut College Costs

Instead of student loan forgiveness, why not come up with creative, cost-saving solutions before students rack up thousands in debt?

Trump Should Persuade Congress to Stop Subsidizing Big Bird

In an age when people are inundated with media, should the government be subsidizing it?