Obamacare Now has a Transgender Mandate?

The U.S. government seems to be imposing transgender ideology upon doctors.

Must a Liberal Baker Make a ‘Trump 2016’ Cake?

A Louisiana bakery refused to write “Trump 2016” on a cake for customers.

Are Video Games Killing Work for Young Men?

Lower-skilled men in their 20s increased leisure time by four hours a week in the last 15 years.

Debunking the Math Myth

Does the future of America's economy really hinge on the masses having better math skills?

Why Don't We Have a Capital Day?

Why Don't We Have a Capital Day?

We have a national holiday to honor labor. Why not one that honors capital?

When Finance and Philosophy Clash

A healthy profit can most certainly be a loss. 

Should We Stop Calling Liberals ‘Liberal’?

The term has gone through a considerable evolution, or devolution, depending on whom you ask. 

Is Clinton's Pay-to-Play the Natural Consequence of Big Government?

There is a reason why large companies send millions of dollars to the Clintons and other top politicians in both major parties.

CNN Blames U.S. Workers, Smartphones for Sluggish Economy

'Americans aren't working harder, and it's holding the U.S. economy back.'

9 Surprising Quotes on Welfare Reform

President Clinton had some strong words for the welfare system... as did these eight other men.

Capitalism: Who Are The Real Beneficiaries?

An economics professor argues that many people fail to see who the primary beneficiaries really are in a capitalist system.

When Fewer Men Farm, A Civilization Dies

Is America suffering from "the Punic Curse"?

What Early Feminists Meant by 'Equal Pay for Equal Work'

What Early Feminists Meant by 'Equal Pay for Equal Work'

Early feminists believed the interests of women were advanced by the dignity of freedom.

Does High School Financial Literacy = Debt Improvement?

Instead of pushing every student toward college, would it be wiser to make financial literacy courses in high school a priority?

Why you shouldn't want to always be happy

Part of the problem is that happiness isn’t just one thing.

white america eminem

‘White America’: Eminem channels Christopher Lasch

"Indeed, the attraction of black culture for disaffected whites suggests that black culture now speaks to a general condition...:"

Why the US needs more Career and Technical Education

In the U.S., career and technical education is looked upon as the career path for “dumb students.” Not so in other countries.

10 Truth-Bombs Courtesy of Milton Friedman

10 Truth-Bombs Courtesy of Milton Friedman

The Nobel Prize-winning economist had a quick wit and a sharp tongue. 

The Student Debt Crisis is Real

Yes, it's a crisis. And yes, we know what's driving it.

Is Capitalism Good for the Poor?

For most of human history, we lived in a world of a few haves and lots of have-nots.

What is Distributism?

Understanding a controversial alternative to socialism and plutocracy.

T.S. Eliot Summed Up Modern Education in 2 Paragraphs

Could current unrest be the result of our insistence that education is the answer to all our problems?

Soaring Child Care Costs: Is there an Alternative?

Are parents shortchanging their abilities and their wallets by thinking they have to pay experts in order to foster that development in their child?

Frightening: This Description of the Decline of Rome sounds like America

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.”

Crazy = Thinking Student Loan Debt is a Path to Success?

Instead of spurring them on toward frugal and wise living, have we taught students to look only for the glitter and the gold?

How Equality Destroyed the Carnegie Family

Equality destroyed “Carnegie” the family in favor of Andrew the man.

15 Habits of Highly Successful People

How many have you cultivated?