The Roman Empire's Financial Suicide

Rome fell to invaders in 476 AD, but who the real barbarians were is an open question.

10 Federal Debt Facts That Will Make You Feel Queasy

Just how much is $20 trillion?

Many College Students are ‘Book Virgins’

Students are being admitted to colleges without ever having read a book from start to finish.

Loners Are More Intellectual and Loyal Than Other People

Loners Are More Intellectual and Loyal Than Other People

Loners are good friends to have.

Britain is leaving the EU – will other countries follow?

Could we be witnessing the end of the European Union? 

Do Republicans have any Credibility on Spending?

The GOP's recent track record is not so good—and voters know it.  

Why Are So Few Millennials Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship among young people is actually relatively uncommon. 

Research Implies the Gender Pay Gap Might be a Fiction

New studies suggest the gender wage gap is smaller than commonly believed and may have little to do with discrimination.

Choreless Generation Doesn’t Want Summer Jobs

Another side effect of the participation trophy and entitlement culture?

Getting a Permission Slip to Access the American Dream

Must we license wild rice dealers, barbers, and taxidermy specialists?

University Abandons Math Requirement, Embraces Diversity

As much as we love diversity, will the idea that it can and should replace the learning of factual knowledge eventually lead to our ruin as a nation?

Has the ‘War on Boys’ Entered the Workforce?

The Washington Post recently reported on a growing problem afflicting the American workforce: fewer men are participating.

Are Criminals Born Bad?

The father of modern criminology believed that criminality was genetically determined. We've come a long way since then. Or have we?

Presidential Candidates Symptom of Educational Decline

Given the state of education, should we be surprised when the our government and the leaders the people elect are in a degenerative state?

Students Skeptical of Value of College Degrees

It’s graduation season and many high school seniors are counting the hours until they can walk across the stage and turn the corner toward college and career.

Are Civil Forfeiture Laws Basically Legalized Robbery?

Are Civil Forfeiture Laws Basically Legalized Robbery?

The laws differ from state to state, but some of the abuses are shocking. 

Why Won’t Politicians Comment on Venezuelan Socialism?

Did a presidential candidate dodge a straightforward question?

How Books in the Home Impact Future Income

Earnings increased by 21% for men who grew up in a household full of books.


What Tocqueville Would Think about Modern Job Jumping

Ever feel that Americans are increasingly on the go?

The Case Against Unfettered Globalization

What sort of political freedom will be left to the ordinary man on the street when all government and all power is centralized in global bodies? 

The War on Poverty is Not Going Like You Think (We're Actually Winning)

An economist's chart reveals that the fight against global poverty is actually going really well. So why doesn't it feel that way?  

Study: Free Pre-K Doesn’t Give Education Benefits

"On the face of it, our results cast doubt over the value for money of universal early education."

What is Law?

Something to keep in mind if the world falls apart. 

Magazine in 2013: Socialist Venezuela an 'Economic Miracle'

Magazine in 2013: Socialist Venezuela an 'Economic Miracle'

Today, the socialist state cannot feed itself. 

More Evidence of Male-Female Role Reversal?

More employed young men are choosing to live with their parents. Guess what employed young women are doing.

Apprenticeship in High School? This State is Trying It.

The perks of the program are nothing to sneeze at.