How Leftists Fail at Leftism

Those who push for restrictive trade barriers are examples of what philosopher Jason Brennan calls Leftists Bad at Leftism.

We Need to Stop Pushing Everyone Toward College

College graduates who borrowed excessively in the last ten years are beginning to see that student debt isn’t quite the path to success they envisioned.

Sexual Harassment Training Isn’t Just a Waste of Time: It’s Harmful

Research suggests that efforts to raise awareness and train employees about sexual harassment may be worse than a waste.

Unhappy? It Might Be a Sign of Intelligence

The downside? It could be a sign of primitive (and cynical) thinking inherited from early homo sapiens. 

10 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Everyday Decisions

We make up to 35,000 decisions a day. Try to avoid these ways of thinking. 

Cartoonist Fired After Poke at Big Ag CEOs

See the cartoon that got him fired.

$36M Govt. Ad Campaign Encourages LGBT Community to … Quit Smoking

One prominent religious leader came out swinging against it. 

Instead of Socialism, How About Making EVERYBODY a Capitalist?

The ESOP model would mean every worker is a capitalist who can profit from their company’s success.

Did Noam Chomsky Just Dish a Secret on Socialism in America?

At an event Tuesday, he said Bernie Sanders is ‘basically a mainstream New Deal Democrat.’ Is he right? 

Is the Current Economy Killing People?

According to the CDC, suicide rates are higher than during the Great Depression.

Canning is Getting Popular Again

Three reasons which may be driving the resurgence.

Why Death Today Has No Meaning

According to Tolstoy, death no longer has meaning for civilized man.

Former CEO of McDonald’s: $15 Minimum Wage Will Cost Jobs

UC Berkeley recently offered a real-life case study on this very topic.

WTH Happened to Argentina’s Economy? This Chart WIll Show You...

In 1900 Americans and Argentinians had basically the same standard of living. Today it's not even close.  

The Logical Fallacy of 'Hasty Counter-Example'

People commit it ALL THE TIME today, and it's annoying

7 Relevant Quotes for Tax Day

Words to ponder in the face of a lighter wallet...

Study: Vocational Classes Keep High School Students Interested

Students who took a number of vocational courses in high school were more likely to graduate from high school.

Is It Important to Support Small Businesses?

It's a way we can actually make a difference.

Is Kleptocracy the Most Common Form of Government?

Kleptocracy means 'rule by thieves'

What the Poor Need the Most?

It goes against much of our modern thinking.

Why Students Today are Financially Illiterate

It all goes back to how much the teacher knows.

Why Some of Us Work So Hard

If you make it into the upper middle class, you're going to have to work to stay there.

Why care about Pope Francis’ new document on marriage and family?

Having reasonably happy marriages and families is crucial for the health of society.

How Gardening Helps Save Money

"The average American household forks out $6,759 a year on food, or 12.6 percent of total spending, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of that, $756 is spent on fruits and vegetables, and $2,787 on the high cost of eating out.”

Study: 1 in 4 College Freshmen Need Remedial Education

With an average of two remedial classes per student, recent high school graduates paid an extra $3,000 content they should have learned in high school.

Chicago Public Schools has a $1 billion deficit!?!

And an overall $11 billion hole in its budget -- no wonder there was a teacher strike.