What is Terrorism? What do Terrorists Even Want?

What is Terrorism? What do Terrorists Even Want?

Terrorism is not an ideology like communism or capitalism.

Philosophy is Lost in the Dark

Philosophy is Lost in the Dark

Without restoring Plato and true philosophy to their proper stations, we are certain to continue the descent into darkness.

Is School Driving Kids Crazy (Literally)?

Is School Driving Kids Crazy (Literally)?

According to the CDC, the suicide rate among 10 to 14 year olds has doubled since 2007. 

Questioning 'Diversity' is the New Blasphemy

Questioning 'Diversity' is the New Blasphemy

Duke theology professor Paul Griffiths criticized diversity, sparking disciplinary actions against him. Now he's a former Duke professor. 

6 Statistics That Show How Much America Has Changed in a Half-Century

6 Statistics That Show How Much America Has Changed in a Half-Century

Here are six statistics that drive home just how much things have changed in America in a little more than a half-century:

When You Stop Blaming, Real Change Begins

When You Stop Blaming, Real Change Begins

Philosopher G.K. Chesterton once was asked, 'What’s wrong with the world today?' He responded simply, “Dear Sir, I am. Yours, G.K. Chesterton.”

Feminist Explains Why She Left the Social Justice ‘Cult’

A feminist and self-described "former SJW" recently explained why she left the Social Justice movement behind her.

Bill Nye’s Doomsday Predictions on Overpopulation Get Lambasted

We the Internet TV just rolled out a new video on ‘the Science Guy’.

Female Applicant Rejects Ivy League School After Receiving Gender Neutral Acceptance Letter

Perhaps not everyone prefers to be referred to as "they" or "their."

Impeachment: It's Political

Republicans have a majority in the House and the Senate. Does that essentially make Trump bulletproof? 

Teacher Licensure Laws Are Keeping Some of America’s Top Educators Out of Schools

Lawmakers in some states find this reality to be problematic and are seeking to make changes. 

Yale Dean’s Nasty Yelp Reviews Expose Underbelly of Ivy League Elitism

The racial overtones of June Chu’s posts have garnered the most attention. Less attention has been paid to the sneering elitism in her Yelp reviews.

The President Is Not the Commander in Chief of the United States, Nor Its CEO

This is a constitutional republic, and we don’t have a commander in chief.

Barbara Oakley Explains One Huge Flaw in U.S. Education

Barbara Oakley offered a blunt assessment of U.S. education in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

‘Cheers’ Totally Predicted the Obama and Trump Campaigns

It comes in a famous episode in which Woody—the bumbling farm boy-turned bartender—runs for city council of Boston.

The War on Free Speech is Just Beginning

To make society into a utopian vision, universities have become, after decades of propaganda, enemies of intellectual freedom.

‘Empathy’ Might Be the Most Overused Word in the English Language (See Chart)

A word analysis shows that people are using the word 'empathy' an awful lot these days. Why?

Prof: 3 Reasons Lack of Manners is Killing the University

The concept of parents allowing children to be their “friends” has hit the ivy halls and many students are bringing familiarity into the classroom.

Would You Have Worn the Yellow Star?

When Germany occupied Hungary, the Nazis mandated that all Jews wear a yellow star and few Jews dared to resist.

How One Mother Sends Her Kids to College at Age 11

Carson and Cannan Huey-You are making headlines for the early age at which they begin their college careers.

Tribal Politics Is Turning Us Against Each Other—and Science

Science isn’t inherently associated with liberal or conservative viewpoints, but tribal politics does influence how people think about science.

Today's Schools Are Producing 'Hollow Men'

A failure to appreciate the humanities must inevitably lead to the dehumanizing of culture. 

Ben Sasse's 5 Steps to Raising a Successful Adult

Kids will never be prepared for today's cruel world if we persist in giving them the velvet glove treatment.

New Survey Shows Americans Have Soured on Higher Education

A new survey shows that Americans think a lack of college brings disrespect.

Don't Believe Those Who Say Liberal Arts Degrees Aren't Worth It

Even if you can document the demand at a particular point in time for certain degrees, there’s a good chance things will change.

Survey: 60% of Millennials Don't Believe in Right and Wrong

Unfortunately, they're directly contradicting some of the greatest thinkers of all time by taking such a view.

Oppressed Squirrels Find Champion in Feminist Scholar

According to one professor, the victimization of squirrels in Los Angeles has been ignored far too long.