This is war Berkeley protesters

Former Stanford Provost: ‘The Threat from Within’

John Etchemendy fears most the growing intellectual intolerance on college campuses.

The Death of Outdoor Recess

The challenge of getting more free play outdoors for kids during the school day goes beyond winter temperatures. 

Does America Still Believe in its Own Ideas?

"There was a time when the West knew what it was about. It did so because it thought about itself—often in freshman Western Civ classes."

Should Homeschoolers Be Allowed to Play Public School Sports?

Do we have a bit of a double standard when the commitment to inclusivity is denied to homeschool students?

How Long Does it Take to Form Good Habits?

Aristotle said rituals define who we are. But a recent study shows new habits are not easily formed.

4 Questions Every Intelligent Reader Should Ask

Most Americans aren't smart readers. Here's how to tell if you are.

New Study Suggests High School Curriculum is Dumbed Down

Evidence that high school kids can handle a more rigorous curriculum?

Can Grammar Be Racist? The University of Washington Thinks So

To combat this perceived racism they promise to “emphasize the importance of rhetorical situations over grammatical ‘correctness.’”

Should Students Be Punished for Recording their Professors?

Should we be punishing victims who expose professors who abuse their positions of authority?

Mark Cuban Predicts the No. 1 Job Skill in 10 Years

In the coming "automation of automation", many programmers and engineers may find themselves jobless.

White Males are Getting Trounced (See Chart)

Is it time we stop acting like the white male is a privileged species that needs to be taken down a peg or two?

Is Patriotism Irrational?

Trump has vowed to promote patriotism in America's schools.  

Presidents Day: How We Got Such a Lame Holiday

When Nixon signed a law in 1971, the day was still officially known as “Washington's Birthday,” but the shift to Presidents Day didn't take long.

8 Reasons You Should NOT Read Great Books

This professor's list may or may not soothe your book-illiterate conscience...

College Illiteracy is Growing

Nearly half of professors say students are not prepared for college.

Students in Turkey Value Free Speech Way More than American Students

Why do young people embrace rights not specifically spelled out in the Constitution, but reject the one to which they are given free recourse?  

Respectful Children So Rare that Restaurant Owner Gives Them a Discount

Many of today’s children seem to have a lack of respect for others, a fact which becomes particularly apparent in their poor behavior in public.

‘Native American’: The Surprising Source of the Term

'Who are the [real] Native Americans? Do they not wear the breechclout and carry the tomahawk? ' 

Who Was St. Valentine and Why is February 14 a Romantic Holiday?

The history of the Saint Valentine (176-273 A.D.) is hazy and legends vary.

Gender-Affirming Bathroom Policies ‘Quackery,’ Medical Experts Say

Medical experts speak out against supporting transitions for transgender children.

20 Life Experiences Every Child Should Have

Would we see a stronger generation of adults if parents let their children navigate the school of hard knocks a little more often?

Tennessee Admits One Third of High School Grads Didn’t Complete Their Coursework

Such a discovery is alarming, but it’s even more disturbing to hear where these deficiencies occur, namely, history and foreign language....

Rational Discourse: Has Relativism Caused Its Decline?

Would we see less anger, frustration, and ostracism on college campuses and in America at large if we returned to a more objective view of truth?

'Anti-Civics' Being Taught in U.S. Colleges, NAS Report says

Instead of teaching civics, universities are training social justice warriors. 

Teacher: Busy Work is Killing Love for Reading

Miller’s observation is plain and simple common sense.

Diversity Can Inhibit Learning and Cognitive Growth, Study Says

A new study published in the Journal of Higher Education challenges diversity’s vaunted status.