Students Arrested for Sharing Copies of U.S. Constitution

We live in an Alice-in-Wonderland world...

The Oldest Rhetorical Trick in the Book

It's time we got beyond this commonly employed logical fallacy.

PolitiFact Flubs Betsy DeVos Fact-Check

PolitiFact claimed the '‘clear and convincing’ standard is used in criminal trials.”  It's not.

Betsy DeVos' Support for Due Process on Campuses Draws Attack

Critics are riled that the Education Secretary nominee supports an organization opposed to mandates that undermine due process on college campuses.

How Teachers Are Doing Violence to Books

These categories end up being imposed on just about every piece of literature that today's students read. 

Professor: The Perks of One-Room Schools

Do we have the intellectual honesty and courage to admit that some of the past’s ideas might still be beneficial?

8 Characteristics of a Rational Soul

Nearly two thousand years ago, a well-known philosopher laid out the characteristics that make up a rational person. 

British Study Explains What Public Schools Can Learn From Private Ones

It's something we probably overlook all too often.

Benjamin Franklin’s 4 Steps to Becoming a Great Writer

How did Franklin get to be such a prolific, proficient, and admirable author? The answer is simple...

High School Apprenticeships: A New Path to Prosperity

A high school apprenticeship program in North Carolina shows we might be going at higher education the wrong way.

Are You Unconsciously Racist?

The problem with implicit bias tests.

Is There a Way to Stop America’s Minds from Closing?

If we want our children to have a better education than we had will we have to train our children to educate themselves?

'Classical Education' Today Isn't Very Classical

Most people still view classical education as merely a nostalgic throwback to the past.

Humans are Intensely Loyal to Groups that Haze Newcomers. Why?

Hazing practices have a deep history and cross-cultural universality.

Education Leader Explains 4 Reasons Why Today’s Students Can’t Write

Do you think we would see a drastic improvement in writing ability if we corrected even one of these areas in today’s schools?

Is it Time We Stopped Viewing Schools as the Best Parent?

When it comes to school, educators always know best, right?

Is it Rational to Fear Corporations More than Governments?

It's a pervasive idea in politics, art, and culture.

No, Not Everyone Is Entitled to Their Opinion

It’s commonly believed today that "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion." What nonsense.

What Parents Can Learn From this 4-Year-Old Reading Prodigy

The Library of Congress had a special visitor Wednesday: 4-year-old Daliyah Arana.

MLK's Nobel Peace Prize Speech

A speech for the ages.

Penn State Offers Free Psych Counseling as Trump Inauguration Nears

Penn State is launching a campaign to help students cope with the stress, anxiety and distress they feel as Trump's presidency nears.

U.S. Judge: Administrators Turning Colleges into 'Surveillance States'

College administrators have turned their campuses into “surveillance” states.

When Warming Up a Car in Winter Becomes a Crime

A Michigan man's ticketing for warming up his car on a frigid day brings to mind something Bertrand Russell wrote on "petty power."

American Studies All 'Racism, Sexism, and Imperialism' Now, Prof Says

A once 'vibrant and useful discipline' has experienced a sad decline, writes Charles Kupfer.

A Neuroscientist Explains Why So Many Children Can’t Read

Have feel-good practices and culturally sensitive attitudes replaced the factual tools kids need in order to read?

Study: Textbooks Are Super Biased

A confirmation of what has long been suspected?

You are here Georgia Tech Prof. Resigns, Cites Politicization of Academia

A leading climate scientist resigned last week citing "disenchantment with universities, the academic field of climate science, and scientists."