Ben Sasse's 5 Steps to Raising a Successful Adult

Kids will never be prepared for today's cruel world if we persist in giving them the velvet glove treatment.

New Survey Shows Americans Have Soured on Higher Education

A new survey shows that Americans think a lack of college brings disrespect.

Don't Believe Those Who Say Liberal Arts Degrees Aren't Worth It

Even if you can document the demand at a particular point in time for certain degrees, there’s a good chance things will change.

Survey: 60% of Millennials Don't Believe in Right and Wrong

Unfortunately, they're directly contradicting some of the greatest thinkers of all time by taking such a view.

Oppressed Squirrels Find Champion in Feminist Scholar

According to one professor, the victimization of squirrels in Los Angeles has been ignored far too long. 

Does Dividing Students By Age Make Any Sense at All?

The tradition is being challenged by the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School in Massachusetts.

When Professors Stifle Freedom of Thought

In some universities, academics are waging a flat-out war on reality.

The Fidget Toy Craze: What's Really Driving It

Initially touted as a concentration tool for children with attention issues, these hand-held fidget toys are apparently becoming a big distraction.

College Majors that Report the Highest Underemployment

If you feel uncertain about your career path, you might consider steering clear of these majors.

Scholar: Train Teachers in Real Subjects, Not Education Philosophies

If we are going to see improvement in our nation’s schools, do we need to rethink our approach to educating teachers first?

North Carolina’s Apprenticeship Program Offers Big Potential at Small Cost

Apprentices can expect to boost their lifetime earnings by around $300,000 over their peers who only complete high school.

Public Schools Shouldn’t Be Teaching ‘Values’

America’s public schools are getting worse, and part of the reason why is that they have taken on too much responsibility.

Study Suggests Lack of Reading Driving Contentious Society

Reading seems to have a different effect on how individuals behave toward one another.

Physician: Raising Happy Kids Shouldn’t Be the Main Goal

It’s good to let children pursue their interests. But the fact is, they are children and at a stage in which the will is fickle and the mind untrained.

MIT Is Making Kid-Friendly Communist Propaganda

'Communism for Kids' is coming to a bookstore near you.

Moral Outrage as Compensation for Guilt: An Explanation for 21st Century Campus Violence

Why are students protesting with greater vigor than any time since the civil unrest of the 60s and 70s?

Is NPR Pushing Propaganda about the Benefits of Preschool?

Pre-K does prepare kids for kindergarten. What’s disturbing is the information NPR withheld about the negative effects of preschool beyond that point.

Divorce is Making Inequality Worse, International Study Finds

We hold equality in very high esteem these days. But given this study, I wonder if we are overlooking one of the greatest equalizers around.

Arizona Lawmaker Urges End to Compulsory Schooling

Arizona lawmaker Paul Mosley joins a growing number of citizens concerned about the rise in forced schooling and the decline in overall competence.

Not All Parents Want Their Children to be Social Justice Warriors

Further thoughts on the indoctrination taking place at a Minnesota elementary school... 

Where did Nazi doctors learn their ethics?

They had plenty of ethics - just the wrong kind.

Free College Works--If You Want to Help the Rich

England ditched free college because it only increased inequities between rich and poor.

Jonathan Haidt: 6 Ways Universities Can Fight Intellectual Intolerance

 They seem like prudent steps. The problem is that few universities seem committed to promoting intellectual diversity and tolerance.

Why Decline in Religion Might Be Driving the Campus Protests

Has the diminishment of one part of the First Amendment led to the squelching of another?

Elementary Students Being Indoctrinated in Minnesota’s Top School District

Elementary Students Being Indoctrinated in Minnesota’s Top School District

Highlands Elementary (MN) students are being subjected to a barrage of curricular offerings focused on race and social justice.

The Hidden Costs of Universal Preschool Programs

Universal preschool may seem like a positive benefit to parents, but it can limit early childcare choices for many families.

3 Reasons One Public School Advocate is Giving Up on the System

A former public school teacher and supporter has changed her tune: "Everyone who can leave, should."

Children Have Amazing Powers of Memorization… So Why Aren’t Schools Using Them?

We’ve flipped things around, shunning memorization and instead asking young children to reason based on their limited experience and feelings.