This 1886 Cornell English Syllabus May Explain Why College Students Can’t Write

Unfortunately, today's colleges aren't improving the writing woes of American students.

Why All-Men’s Colleges Are Under Siege

There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States. Four of them are all male. But that is at least one too many.

Education Used to Happen Outside of School

Schooling as a forced societal construct is a fairly recent phenomenon.

Are ‘Antifascists’ Employing a Crude Form of Terrorism?

“Any campus speaker who arouses a protest is at risk of a beating,” says NYU professor Jonathan Haidt.

Duke Professor’s 1991 Warning about Campus Chaos is Oddly Prophetic

By exchanging objectivity for the tribal mentality, have universities fallen on their sword and done themselves in years ago without realizing it?

5 Myths about Emotional Intelligence

IQ isn't the only way to measure smarts. 

Is School Curriculum Preventing Kids from Reading?

A new study from Scholastic gives some revealing information on the state of the nation's reading.

Harvard Poll Finds that Millennials Basically Live in Bubbles

Do millennials live in ideological bubbles because they feel safe?

‘Adulting’ School is Great – If It Happens in Elementary School

Do schools need to go back to teaching basics like cooking to ensure that kids have the tools and responsibility to succeed in the real world?

The Main Trait That Sets Vocational Students Apart From College Kids

Those who pursue the vocational path aren't dumb; they often possess the very traits employers are looking for.

Does College Chaos Increase When Schools Fail to Teach this One Subject?

Over the weekend, The Washington Post brought an interesting West Virginia school fight to the forefront.

The Benefits of Delayed Schooling

Mounting evidence shows children benefit in various ways from delayed entry into school systems. 

The Bad Manners of the Campus Left (Video)

Lawrence Reed, president of FEE, went to the University of Colorado-Denver to deliver a lecture on Ancient Rome. It didn't go well.

Bernie Sanders: Students Silencing Speakers ‘a Sign of Intellectual Weakness’

During a recent stop in Omaha, Sen. Bernie Sanders said efforts by students to silence conservative speakers signals their own intellectual weakness.

Oxford Prof: PC Culture is Encouraging Greater Racism

Oxford has now declared it racist to “avoid making eye contact” with others or asking an individual “where they are ‘originally’ from."

U.S. Students Are Using the Tactics of Kim Jong-un

Repression of speech. Justifying and committing violent acts against speakers you disagree with. Where is all this heading?

This 1890 Australian Homework Book Puts Today’s Students to Shame

Was the owner a "clever child," or were education standards much more rigorous a century ago?

College Libraries are Purging Book Collections. Are They Discarding Thought as Well?

Some campus libraries are removing thousands of titles to make room for more digital study spaces, meeting areas, and even nap pods.

Busting the 'Free College' Myth

If one looks beyond the headlines, one will see New York's free tuition program is just another scholarship program.

The Berkeley Battles Are a Sign of Things to Come

Berkeley has become a favorite battleground for budding political street warriors.

How Latin is Helping Inner City Youths Strive and Succeed

The Boys' Latin School has revived the dead language and made it a cornerstone in their curriculum for disadvantaged, minority students in Philly.

Tuition-Free College isn’t Free—But it Does Have Some of the Makings of a Pyramid Scheme

Under the leadership of Governor Andre Cuomo, New York recently adopted a free-tuition scheme.  

Has School Choice Become a Purple America Issue?

School choice is one of only four issues in a new Gallup poll where Democrats and Republicans both indicated approval.

Why Do Schools Shut Parents Out of the Classroom?

"Many educators have the view that parents can be nuisances and their school contacts should be limited."

Charles Murray Was Just Vindicated by Two Cornell Professors

The protest against Murray seems to be based on hyper-sensitivity rather than rational thought.

Wellesley Student Paper Defends Censorship... with Horrible Grammar

Apparently, students at Hillary Clinton's alma mater are so focused on political correctness that they're no longer learning basic English grammar.

Why an Epidemic of Lonely Children is Upon Us

The British counseling service, Childline, has recently reported an uptick in the number of lonely children. But why?

Thomas Edison Would Have Been Given Adderall Today

Nancy Edison rejected schooling in favor of learning for Thomas Edison.