How Adjunct College Teaching is Like Slave Labor

Adjuncts average $20-25k per year, receive no healthcare benefits, and usually go without a pension. 

Why Easter is called Easter, and other little-known facts about the holiday

It is important to point out that while the name “Easter” is used in the English-speaking world.

How a Campus Kangaroo Court Drove One Student to Suicide

A University of Texas at Arlington student took his own life after he was found responsible for harassment, a charge he vehemently denied.

Mohammed Cartoon Publisher: The Definition of Tolerance has Changed

Is it possible that this is what is driving the chaos we are witnessing in society?

Are Rights Anything More Than Legal Conventions?

Philosophers have debated the nature of human rights since at least the 12th century, often under the name of ‘natural rights’.

LA Times Editorial Board: Dear Colleges, Stop Squeezing Free Speech

The Los Angeles Times says colleges should stop squeezing students into 'free speech zones.' 

New Reuters Poll Proves That Many Americans Can’t Think for Themselves

It appears that many Americans base their views on whether a particular authority figure holds them.

Claremont McKenna College Says Students Who Disrupted Heather Mac Donald Speech May Face Repercussions

The president of Claremont McKenna College released a statement saying students who violated school policies "will be held accountable.”

Student Achievement: Only as Good as the Books Read in English Class?

A new study suggests that English courses are more influential in regard to future success than we once thought.

Techniques of 19th-century fake news reporter teach us why we are suckers for it

By the 1850s, fake news was so widespread in Germany that it had become its own genre – the “unechte Korrespondenz.”

Are we Witnessing a Quiet Revolution in Education?

A wildly popular Idaho education program places money for college and other courses in the hands of middle and high school students.

Should Schools Teach Students to Shoot?

One school's experience suggests it wouldn't hurt.

Students asked to Defend Nazis and the Holocaust in Homework Assignment

Apparently in the environs of Syracuse, New York, genocide isn’t a particularly troubling subject.

Former Yale Student Says He Was Persecuted for a Philosophy Essay that Triggered a TA

A former Yale student accused of sexual misconduct claims he was labeled a 'person of interest' because of a philosophy paper.

America’s ‘Hostility to Reading’ - 4 Reasons for it

Noted historian Jacques Barzun said that there are 4 cultural forces that still encourage a hostility to reading in America. 

Prof Explains Why Black Families are Rejecting Public Schools

It is generally assumed that black families are big fans of public schooling, but that assumption is dated.

Socialist Mechanic Schools Agitators Disrupting Charles Murray Speech

A Charles Murray speech was interrupted again, this time at Villanova. But an old-school socialist arrived and delivered a message to the agitators.

One Simple Reason Boys are Failing

The focus on girls causes us to overlook the ways in which boys are struggling.

Jordan Peterson Shouted Down at McMaster University in Ontario

Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, attempted to speak at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Yet Another Student Thwarted by PC-Police for Distributing Constitution Copies

Such incidents are the natural outgrowth of a hyper-sensitive society.

College 'Diversity Council’ Posts Fake Racist Flyers, Stoking Fear and Sparking Outrage

The flyers read: “A Notice to All White Americans. It is Your Civic Duty to Report Any and All Illegal Aliens....America is a White Nation."

College Prof Says he was Fired for not Dumbing Down his Course

Nathaniel Bork, a philosophy teacher in Colorado, was fired after questioning the Community College of Aurora's new "student success initiative."

4 Ways to Avoid Being Fooled By Propaganda

"Coping with propaganda requires a widespread critical intelligence, which is largely the product of education."

How Colleges Drag Out Degree Programs Longer than Necessary

One professor suggests universities shuffle students through their halls, giving them a semblance of prestige, but an education lacking in substance.

Teaching Chess to Kids Spurs Academic Achievement

Franklin County, Mississippi introduced chess into its curriculum and achieved amazing results.