When Equal Access Means Zero Access for All

Once the government gets involved in a scuffle, everybody loses.

School ‘Too Easy’ for a Surprising Number of Students, Study Finds (See Chart)

Is it time to realize that a “fair and equitable” education system might be holding our nation’s best and brightest from accomplishing great things?

Mother Scolded by School for Slice of Cake in Child's Lunch

The rapid rise in unelected “experts” telling parents how they should raise, feed and educate their children is alarming.

Berkeley Removes 20k Online Videos to Comply with Nutty DOJ Order

The Department of Justice put itself in the role of “the Handicapper General” from the satirical and dystopian science fiction story Harrison Bergeron.

Children Prefer Reading Books on Paper, Not Screens

Why do we think children prefer reading on screens versus paper?

Apprenticeships Offering Students a New Way Forward

Let’s face it: not many young Americans – nor their parents – have $100,000 to throw at four years of college.

Homeschooler Edith Fuller Becomes Youngest Qualifier of National Spelling Bee

Would we see more Ediths rise to the surface if our education system placed greater emphasis on incorporating the family into learning?

Republicans Introduce Federal School Voucher Program

It would provide parents with funds for private schools and homeschooling.

Hoop Earrings No Longer Politically Correct for White Girls

"White Girl, take off your hoop earrings!!!" was recently written on a free speech wall at Pitzer College.

Middlebury Riot Shows the Veneer of Our Civilization is Thin

Video of the ugly scene in the lecture hall at Middlebury College has emerged.

Do Top Spending States Get Better Educational Results?

Is it the case that every low-spending state performs better than those who dish out more money?

Which States Spend the Most Per Student?

Compared to a generation ago, the cost per pupil is a bit staggering.

The College Textbook Racket

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw has banked an estimated $42 million for his textbook 'Principles of Economics,' reports say.

Can States Secede from the United States?

History sheds some light on the question. 

The Virtues of Learning to Sew

I want to keep my kids connected to their past, and I find a great way to do this is passing on the sewing skills my grandmothers taught me.

Would Students Benefit From More Hands-On Learning?

Some schools are teaching beekeeping... and children are learning many many different skills in the process.

Why Do People Sleepwalk?

Sleepwalking is on the rise, researchers say. Why do some enter into such a potentially harmful state during sleep?

Legislation Would Reintroduce the Bible to Public Schools

In removing the Bible from the classroom, did America cut off several generations from a main source of cultural literacy?

Why Aren't More Schools Teaching Students How to Balance a Checkbook?

Would more schools be wise to carve out a little time to teach these important “adulting” skills before kids graduate and move on to college?

Let Little Boys Play Like Little Boys

Are we shaming them for their interest in masculinity?

Oregon High School Discovers Hidden Benefits in Shop Class

The success of this shop class experiment brings to light some key aspects of education that we’ve forgotten in today’s schools.

Why People Should Stop Trying to 'Win' Arguments

The most effective arguers have these 4 characteristics. 

School Reform is Missing a Key Ingredient

Incorporating real-world work and giving more individualized instruction is a great start, but is it enough?

Joe Biden’s New Job at Penn is a Mystery

Penn students hoping to see the former VP in the classroom appear to be out of luck. 

Two Branches of Government Are All We Have Left, Scholar Says

The days of three independent branches of government are long gone, says a former Harvard teacher. 

1 in 5 Can’t Name an Author, New Survey Finds

The decline of knowledge has progressed even more than we realize...

What If Grocery Stores Worked Like Public Schools?

One of the most important things to consider when buying a house is the quality of the grocery district.

Selling Higher Education Is Much Sleazier Than Selling Used Cars

Confessions of a former college admissions official: "My job left me feeling sleazy at times."