5 Non-Political Tidbits about Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

Since I’m sick of politics, I decided to check out the more personal side of the man who could possibly be the next SCOTUS justice.

Are Today’s Schools ‘Supressing Genius’?

Is today's education system holding our children back from success?

People of Color Can't Be Racist Says New College Guide

There is some disagreement on what racism actually is. So let's look at the history.  

My Kindergartner Was Told Trump Was Going to Kill ‘All the Girls in the U.S.’

We don't use rhetoric responsibly in 21st century America. 

Second Grade Reading Textbooks: 1879 vs. Today

There are two major differences between the texts used today and those used in the schools of the past.

Is Parental Fear of Boredom Overworking Kids?

Growing up, I knew better than to utter those two infamous words of childhood: “I’m bored.”

Reality: Most People Don't Care about Truth

This is why a country like the U.S. needs to educate people in rhetoric. 

It’s True, Internet Surfing During Class is Not so Good for Grades

So much for the idea of giving every kid a laptop...

Our Culture is Dead

Anthony Esolen isn’t saying our culture is vulgar and debased. He’s saying it no longer exists.

‘This is Library!’: Watch a student trying to study rudely interrupt a mob of protestors

What’s he doing trying to study? Didn’t he realize he’s at a university?

How to Raise Kids to Be Leaders—Not Twitter Trolls

The supreme advantage of debate is that it compels a man to think. A man is not a man unless he is a thinker—he is a fool having no ideas of his own.

Is it Still Important to Teach Children to Sew?

"I think the disconnection [to sewing] comes from schools. They don’t have life-learning events in schools anymore...."

How to Break the Deadbeat Dad Cycle

A new NYU study suggests men want to be better dads—many just don’t know how.

The State Department's Entire Senior Level of Management Just Resigned

Did Rex Tillerson’s job just get much harder? Or easier?

Is Schooling a Public Good?

A public good, according to the economic definition, must satisfy two conditions.

Harvard Article from 1863 Offers 3 Simple Rules for Reading

We all know how important reading is. It benefits relationships, builds language development, and even lengthens one’s life.

Love or Hate the Term ‘Snowflake’? Thank 'Fight Club'

It comes directly from Chuck Palahniuk’s book, on which David Fincher’s 1997 film is based. 

How Students ‘Ghost’ Through Online Degree Programs

Cheating in online courses is a big problem but a fixable one. But do colleges actually want to address the cheating?

Progressive Columnist: Riots Are Hurting Our Cause

New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait points to studies that show rioting makes America more conservative.

EPA logo against mountains and river

It’s called the Executive Branch

Stop panicking about the “gag order” or “censorship” of federal agencies like the EPA. 

Are Colleges Discriminating Against Homeschoolers?

Homeschool kids do better on tests and in college... so why are some colleges making them jump through extra hoops in order to apply?

Is Respect Vanishing from Society?

By focusing so much on respect for the self, have we lost focus of the respect we owe to individuals, places, and events?

Business Prodigy: College ‘Biggest Regret in Life’

College failed to teach him an entrepreneur’s ‘greatest asset,’ he says.

Most People Today Want to be Propagandized

Most People Today Want to be Propagandized

For propaganda to be effective, it requires submissive subjects.

The 4 Horsemen of the Philosophical Apocalypse

Robert Maynard Hutchins said that these "four horsemen" had produced "chaos" in Western education.

Study: Immaturity Being Mislabeled as ‘Mental Disorder’

American psychiatrist Allen Frances suggests that while some ADHD cases are legitimate, others are not.

Betsy DeVos' Secret (and Paradoxical) Weapon

The Education Secretary nominee doesn’t have an advanced degree or a wealth of professional education experience—and that could help her succeed.

Students Arrested for Sharing Copies of U.S. Constitution

We live in an Alice-in-Wonderland world...