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Politician: Wives Should Withhold Sex Until Husbands Vote

Voting is a basic civic duty in a democracy. But are incentives to vote actually helpful? 

Is it Rational to Fear Corporations More than Governments?

It's a pervasive idea in politics, art, and culture.

Why George Washington’s Farewell Address Still Matters

President Obama said goodbye to the nation last night. Did his speech measure up? 

Meryl Streep’s Comments Were Boring. That’s All

We’re making a national production over the actor’s comments because they were clumsy and lacked subtlety. Welcome to 21st century America.

Celebrating New Year's with The Twilight Zone

The basic premise of the show—ordinary human beings caught in extraordinary (and often supernatural) circumstances—never grows old.  

Why I'll Miss Carrie Fisher

The daughter of screen legend Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, Carrie Fisher grew up in the glamour (and turbulence) of Hollywood.

Blade Runner 2049: The Thinker’s Film of 2017?

The film, which is slated to hit theaters in October, will probe a timeless and timely question: What does it mean to be human? 

QUIZ: Can You Ace This High School Literature Exam?

Answer these 12 questions to find out. 

America's Corrupt Aristocracy

After the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher, a Daily Beast headline declared, "We have lost our Prince and Princess."

A Tribute to Robert Leo Hulseman, Inventor of the Red Solo Cup

He didn't have a Wikipedia page, but Hulseman created an efficient, inexpensive product used by hundreds of millions (and he employed thousand more).

Are you smart enough to ace this mini SAT?

We all know tests don't define us. Except when we get a high score. Then they define the sh*t out of us. 

The Executioner's Song: The Best Nonfiction Novel I've Read

If you’re looking to start a great book in 2017, this might be the place to start.

How We’ll Remember George Michael

By choosing to remember only half of their portraits, we deny celebrities their humanity and overlook an obvious truth.

When Rudolph Meets Beowulf

Here is what the modern Christmas ditty looks like in heroic Anglo-Saxon metre.

Team Solo or Team Vader?

Should we dismiss Han Solo as a selfish, self-serving misanthrope? Should we resent the rebels as enemies of order and authority?

Study Explains Best Way to Bond with Kids While Reading

For many years now, my family has always tried to make some time over the holidays to sit down together and read old Christmas stories.

The Classic Christmas Movies That Say Taxation Is Theft

And it happens in the first 30 seconds of the film. 

About Those Apparitions Who Shook Down Scrooge for Money

What was the real purpose of this psychological waterboarding?

The Politicization of Everything

Cereal producers, family television hosts, beer companies, and shoemakers have all been pulled into America’s political sideshow. 

Quiz: What's Your Purpose in Life?

Take a look at these thought-provoking quotes and see which answer leads you to your life purpose.

Old Man Potter: The Real Hero of 'It's a Wonderful Life'

While the Baileys squandered their investors’ money on subprime loans, Mr. Potter was employing half of Bedford Falls. 

The Moral Problem with that 'Last Tango' Rape Scene

A famous scene from the 1972 film 'The Last Tango in Paris' was shot by violating a very basic requirement for exercising moral agency.

Media’s Hit Job on Chip and Joanna Gaines is Dangerous

One wonders if the folks at BuzzFeed might try a similar tactic with prominent Muslims who worship at mosques. 

Tim Allen Show Roasts Political Correctness in Academia

It’s a pretty funny clip. The sad part is that there are students paying $3,000 a credit for this stuff. 

Mike Rowe on the College President Who Ditched the Flag

Why is it that no one burns flags at trade schools?

Hollywood’s Disgraceful Hero-Worship of Castro

Castro’s own daughter sought asylum in the United States and denounced her father as “a tyrant.”