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TV Actor Discovers His Inner 'Ron Swanson' After Trying to Start a Business

TV Actor Discovers His Inner 'Ron Swanson' After Trying to Start a Business

In his video entitled, Nick Offerman's 'The Offerman Distillery', the actor attempts to open his own distillery--but runs into trouble.

Bill Nye’s Doomsday Predictions on Overpopulation Get Lambasted

We the Internet TV just rolled out a new video on ‘the Science Guy’.

‘Cheers’ Totally Predicted the Obama and Trump Campaigns

It comes in a famous episode in which Woody—the bumbling farm boy-turned bartender—runs for city council of Boston.

What the Self-Esteem Movement Got Disastrously Wrong

What most 'self-esteem' advocates fail to understand is that other-reliant 'self-esteem' is a contradiction in terms.

Was ‘Last Man Standing’ Cancelled Because ABC Dislikes Conservative Values?

ABC shouldn’t cancel Last Man Standing for its politics—that’s what makes it so successful.

Everybody Hates Capitalism but Nobody Hates Netflix

Remember when you had to go to Blockbuster to rent an actual movie?

What Anne Shirley Teaches about Dealing with Victimhood

L.M. Montgomery's beloved Anne books give many examples of how true victims should behave.

What's So Bad about the Empire?

What does Emperor Palpatine actually do with his power?

Tolkien’s Odd Alternate Ending to 'The Lord of the Rings'

In November 1944, J.R.R. Tolkien described an ending to The Lord of the Rings that fans of his epic tale will find unfamiliar. 

3 Warning Signs Your Life is a Sitcom About Nothing

In Seinfeld, the characters often feel like victims. Everyday life, whether it is buying soup or socks, is hard for a Seinfeld character.

The NFL Draft and the Division of Labor

In Plato's Republic, Socrates says that specialization is advantageous, because "we are not all alike."

Heineken’s New Beer Commercial is Overtly Political—and Totally Awesome

What separates Heineken’s commercial is that it’s not preaching politics to us; it’s telling people to get over politics.

The Secret to Living a Life of Mastery

Many people have bought into the idea that life is or should be an “endless series of climatic moments.”

Music for Easter & Holy Week: Ten Classical Pieces

Here are ten lesser-known classical works that brilliantly depict the dramatic events of Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

Black Mirror's 'Nosedive' Reveals that Dystopia is Closer Than You Think

The Netflix science fiction show 'Black Mirror' a few years ago portrayed a dystopian future in which people instantly rate every encounter they have.

How Media Use Photography as Propaganda

How Media Use Photography as Propaganda

"What I saw in New York magazine is something I would never present to a client," said Jay Caruso, regarding an image of Kellyanne Conway.

Julie Andrews Teaching Theater on Netflix Invalidates Your Argument for Federal Arts Funding

Julie’s Greenroom provides two excellent examples for why the arts do not need public funding.

Teaching Chess to Kids Spurs Academic Achievement

Franklin County, Mississippi introduced chess into its curriculum and achieved amazing results.

Companies Want to Teach Your Children Values

Only they might not be the values you want the kids to have.

FBI Agent Posing as Islamic Radical Was at the Scene of ISIS Terror Attack, 60 Minutes Reveals

The FBI declined to be interviewed by 60 Minutes, providing just a terse, one-sentence reply.

Why People Are Freaking Out Over United Airlines’ Dress Code

Two girls were removed from a flight because they were wearing leggings. Was United Airlines right in this move?

John Milton's Lucifer: The Reason People Like Him

It stems from ‘Paradise Lost,’ and there is a simple explanation as to why many identify with John Milton’s Satan.

The Blaze Shouldn't Suspend Tomi Lahren for Her Abortion Comments

The Blaze reportedly suspended Tomi Lahren following her comments on "The View" last week. 

How do you remember a rock god? The complicated legacy of Chuck Berry

Berry’s musical legacy sits alongside another aspect of his life which is all too familiar in the music industry – a history of mistreatment of women.

Stop Freaking Out Over Talent—Everyone Can Sing

Children are natural musicians, as they readily sing, dance and play music from the time they are infants.

Amy Schumer’s Crudity is Boring, Not Clever

Is the increase in society's crudity a sign that intelligence and wit are in decline?

‘Recess Coaches’ are Being Hired by Schools to Manage How Kids Play

"Children no longer play because we have taken from them the opportunity and, I’ll insist, even the capacity to play."