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Is it Ethical to Encourage Teens to Get Abortions and Profit From it?

In her Teen Vogue piece, Bell might think she’s providing comfort to young women, but she also possesses a clear ulterior motive.

Why We Need to Bring Back Archie Bunker

Informed viewers who want good writing, characters, and stories, be it drama or comedy, will be able to absorb any controversial subjects and dialogue.

What the Teleprompter Tells Us About Truth, Trump and Speech

Cracks have appeared in the teleprompter paradigm. It’s at risk from growing distrust of intermediaries, filters, reputable third-parties of all kinds.

The News Media Needs to Keep You Angry

If they don't, they won't survive.

'La La Land': A Glorious Movie that Succumbs to Pessimism

'La La Land' is a stunning achievement. And yet there is something very wrong.

My Kindergartner Was Told Trump Was Going to Kill ‘All the Girls in the U.S.’

We don't use rhetoric responsibly in 21st century America. 

Is Parental Fear of Boredom Overworking Kids?

Growing up, I knew better than to utter those two infamous words of childhood: “I’m bored.”

Is it Still Important to Teach Children to Sew?

"I think the disconnection [to sewing] comes from schools. They don’t have life-learning events in schools anymore...."

Love or Hate the Term ‘Snowflake’? Thank 'Fight Club'

It comes directly from Chuck Palahniuk’s book, on which David Fincher’s 1997 film is based. 

Carl Sagan's Prediction of America’s Future Goes Viral

“I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time – when the United States is a service and information economy… 

Politics Will Make You Dumber

One of America's most iconic humorists came to believe politics was the end-all-be-all of everything.  And it ruined him.

Most People Today Want to be Propagandized

For propaganda to be effective, it requires submissive subjects.

Politician: Wives Should Withhold Sex Until Husbands Vote

Voting is a basic civic duty in a democracy. But are incentives to vote actually helpful? 

Is it Rational to Fear Corporations More than Governments?

It's a pervasive idea in politics, art, and culture.

Why George Washington’s Farewell Address Still Matters

President Obama said goodbye to the nation last night. Did his speech measure up? 

Meryl Streep’s Comments Were Boring. That’s All

We’re making a national production over the actor’s comments because they were clumsy and lacked subtlety. Welcome to 21st century America.

Celebrating New Year's with The Twilight Zone

The basic premise of the show—ordinary human beings caught in extraordinary (and often supernatural) circumstances—never grows old.  

Why I'll Miss Carrie Fisher

The daughter of screen legend Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, Carrie Fisher grew up in the glamour (and turbulence) of Hollywood.

Blade Runner 2049: The Thinker’s Film of 2017?

The film, which is slated to hit theaters in October, will probe a timeless and timely question: What does it mean to be human? 

QUIZ: Can You Ace This High School Literature Exam?

Answer these 12 questions to find out. 

America's Corrupt Aristocracy

After the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher, a Daily Beast headline declared, "We have lost our Prince and Princess."

A Tribute to Robert Leo Hulseman, Inventor of the Red Solo Cup

He didn't have a Wikipedia page, but Hulseman created an efficient, inexpensive product used by hundreds of millions (and he employed thousand more).

Are you smart enough to ace this mini SAT?

We all know tests don't define us. Except when we get a high score. Then they define the sh*t out of us. 

The Executioner's Song: The Best Nonfiction Novel I've Read

If you’re looking to start a great book in 2017, this might be the place to start.

How We’ll Remember George Michael

By choosing to remember only half of their portraits, we deny celebrities their humanity and overlook an obvious truth.

When Rudolph Meets Beowulf

Here is what the modern Christmas ditty looks like in heroic Anglo-Saxon metre.