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Julie Andrews Teaching Theater on Netflix Invalidates Your Argument for Federal Arts Funding

Julie’s Greenroom provides two excellent examples for why the arts do not need public funding.

Teaching Chess to Kids Spurs Academic Achievement

Franklin County, Mississippi introduced chess into its curriculum and achieved amazing results.

Companies Want to Teach Your Children Values

Only they might not be the values you want the kids to have.

FBI Agent Posing as Islamic Radical Was at the Scene of ISIS Terror Attack, 60 Minutes Reveals

The FBI declined to be interviewed by 60 Minutes, providing just a terse, one-sentence reply.

Why People Are Freaking Out Over United Airlines’ Dress Code

Two girls were removed from a flight because they were wearing leggings. Was United Airlines right in this move?

John Milton's Lucifer: The Reason People Like Him

It stems from ‘Paradise Lost,’ and there is a simple explanation as to why many identify with John Milton’s Satan.

The Blaze Shouldn't Suspend Tomi Lahren for Her Abortion Comments

The Blaze reportedly suspended Tomi Lahren following her comments on "The View" last week. 

How do you remember a rock god? The complicated legacy of Chuck Berry

Berry’s musical legacy sits alongside another aspect of his life which is all too familiar in the music industry – a history of mistreatment of women.

Stop Freaking Out Over Talent—Everyone Can Sing

Children are natural musicians, as they readily sing, dance and play music from the time they are infants.

Amy Schumer’s Crudity is Boring, Not Clever

Is the increase in society's crudity a sign that intelligence and wit are in decline?

‘Recess Coaches’ are Being Hired by Schools to Manage How Kids Play

"Children no longer play because we have taken from them the opportunity and, I’ll insist, even the capacity to play."

BBC Interview Interrupted by children

Hilarious BBC Interview Reveals more than Children

"All the World's a Stage" - Shakespeare can teach us a deeper reason for this interrupted interview going viral. 

‘Logan’ and the Challenges of Fatherhood

The film provocatively suggests that it can be easier to harden yourself to fight for someone than to soften your heart enough to give them care.

Monogamy isn’t Natural. But is it Good?

In an interview with Playboy magazine, Scarlett Johansson hinted that monogamy is a quixotic endeavor: 'I don’t think it’s natural'

Feminine Beauty that Endures the Ages

How Audrey Hepburn differs from modern celebrities.

Is it Ethical to Encourage Teens to Get Abortions and Profit From it?

In her Teen Vogue piece, Bell might think she’s providing comfort to young women, but she also possesses a clear ulterior motive.

Why We Need to Bring Back Archie Bunker

Informed viewers who want good writing, characters, and stories, be it drama or comedy, will be able to absorb any controversial subjects and dialogue.

What the Teleprompter Tells Us About Truth, Trump and Speech

Cracks have appeared in the teleprompter paradigm. It’s at risk from growing distrust of intermediaries, filters, reputable third-parties of all kinds.

The News Media Needs to Keep You Angry

If they don't, they won't survive.

'La La Land': A Glorious Movie that Succumbs to Pessimism

'La La Land' is a stunning achievement. And yet there is something very wrong.

My Kindergartner Was Told Trump Was Going to Kill ‘All the Girls in the U.S.’

We don't use rhetoric responsibly in 21st century America. 

Is Parental Fear of Boredom Overworking Kids?

Growing up, I knew better than to utter those two infamous words of childhood: “I’m bored.”

Is it Still Important to Teach Children to Sew?

"I think the disconnection [to sewing] comes from schools. They don’t have life-learning events in schools anymore...."

Love or Hate the Term ‘Snowflake’? Thank 'Fight Club'

It comes directly from Chuck Palahniuk’s book, on which David Fincher’s 1997 film is based. 

Carl Sagan's Prediction of America’s Future Goes Viral

“I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time – when the United States is a service and information economy… 

Politics Will Make You Dumber

One of America's most iconic humorists came to believe politics was the end-all-be-all of everything.  And it ruined him.

Most People Today Want to be Propagandized

For propaganda to be effective, it requires submissive subjects.