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C.S. Lewis: 3 Reasons Why Students Should Read Old Books

"We all, therefore, need the books that will correct the characteristic mistakes of our own period. And that means the old books."

Does Watching TV Together Count as ‘Family Bonding’?

A new study found that is the most common activity used to ‘bring the whole family together.’

Before Indiana Jones came Abraham Hyacinthe Anquetil-Duperron

The image of the Orientalist-hero that he pioneered not only endured but grew into a celebrated and symbolic archetype of Western culture.

Can’t Hold Your Liquor? Blame Your Eye Color

Research indicates that eye color might actually be a better indicator of one's drinking tolerance than body weight.

How to Vote for President When You Don’t Like the Candidates

What do voters do when they consider all of the options bad?

Should Female Chess Champions Be Forced to Wear a Hijab?

They'll have to at the 2017 chess championship in Iran.

Can You Pass Geography 101?

10 Questions. Can you do it?

The Reason America Fell in Love With Zombies Again

A look back in history at apocalyptic literature reveals some of the same trends that have made zombie apocalypses so popular today.

The ‘Sick’ Reason Students Are Reading Less and Less

A 9th grade teacher polled his class and found this answer.

Amy Schumer: Unlikely but Persuasive Defender of Marriage

The often ribald comedian shared some surprising reflections on the importance of marriage.

Why Charles M. Schulz Added a Black Character to the Peanuts Gang

It’s a cool story. But have we gone overboard?

Intellectual Takeout Quiz: Key Dates in Western History

Do you recognize the most important dates and events in Western Civilization?

15 Hilarious Comics That Illustrate the Struggles of Being a Parent

Brian Gordon is one dad who understands this just as well as anyone.

3 Ways Hiking Changes Your Brain

Evidence suggests that hiking is not only good for you, but actually changes the makeup of your brain (in a good way).

How Well Do You Know The U.S. Constitution?

Celebrate Constitution Day with us and see how rights-savvy you truly are!

Lil Wayne Said He Hasn’t Experienced Racism—And People Flipped

"I have never—and never is a strong word—never dealt with racism."

‘South Park’ Takes Aim at Colin Kaepernick in New Trailer

'Oh no, I just said cops are pigs; Who's gonna help me get my stuff?  Why did I listen to Colin Kaepernick; He's not even any good...'

Miss South Carolina’s Comment on Modesty Makes Waves

Is Miss America contestant Rachel Wyatt on to something?

How 'Star Trek' Almost Failed to Launch

The ingredients of “Star Trek” had been slow-cooking in creator Gene Roddenberry’s brain for years, but pitfalls nearly doomed the show.

Can You Pass This Expansive Classics Quiz And Prove Your Mastery Of Literature?

From Homer to Tolkien, test your knowledge on literary classics new and old!

A Few Reasons Why You Should NEVER Let a Dog Lick Your Face

It's even worse than you think. 

Who Said It: Philosopher or Pokemon?

Pokemon has quite a few deep things hidden in it's text. Can you tell the difference next to some of the most famous philosophers ever?

Ben-Hur is Surprisingly Good

What critics attacking the remake of 'Ben-Hur' are missing. 

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know World History?

Test yourself with these 15 questions on world history.

Why Slow Drivers Should Get Out of the Left Lane

Why Slow Drivers Should Get Out of the Left Lane

Lives are at stake!