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Why People are so Crazy for Pokémon Go

In modern life, "entertainment" has largely taken the place of "leisure".

3 Reasons Why Kids Should Read Classic Stories

The head of a prominent reading organization just bashed classic stories... is she misguided?

Can You Name The Classic Novel By Its Last Line?

Quiz time! How well do you know your literary classics? 

Are Children’s Lives Becoming Too Structured?

“Why do [children] ... prefer structured activities to unstructured ones and ... seek adult guidance rather than lead peers on their own?”

Which Greek Hero Are You?

The Ancient Greeks had many heroes in their stories. Which hero are you?

Technology is NOT 'Neutral'

Can we at least agree on that?

What Philosophical School of Thought do you fall in?

This brief quiz assesses your philosophical world view and determines to which of the eight schools of thought you are closest.

Physicist Pioneers new Method for Making Chocolate

A Temple University physicist might have stumbled upon a method for making better chocolate. 

Home-cooking is Out, Restaurants are In

3 Reasons Why This Is a Problem

Can You Pass 5th Grade English?

Welcome back to middle school. 

Studying Shakespeare Brings School 40% Jump in Test Scores

Studying Shakespeare Brings School 40% Jump in Test Scores

Despite the potential for limited understanding, the school started teaching and performing Shakespeare and the effects were remarkable.

Elementary History: Test your knowledge of general history

9 simple questions to show off your brain power. 

What does Liquid Nitrogen do to Your Face?

A scientist conducts a crazy-sounding experiment to find out. 

Jane Austen Vindicates the Rights of Women

The new film 'Lady Susan' reveals the grapple for power and money in the 19th-century marriage market. 

Did Truman Capote Write ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’?

The claim is a persistent one. Is there anything to it?

Psychologists: Boredom is Good for Children

Psychologists: Boredom is Good for Children

Continual adult-directed activities may be preventing creativity and innovation in children.

Actress: Public School a Wedge Between Parent and Child

"I realized the school structure of sending work home is strangely geared to form a wedge between the parent and the child."

Teddy Roosevelt’s Reading List vs. Today’s Candidates

Teddy Roosevelt’s Reading List vs. Today’s Candidates

If Americans aren’t informing their minds by reading, should we be surprised when we get the candidates, laws, and culture that we do?

William F. Buckley Once Trolled Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Buckley apparently was perturbed that Schlesinger didn't want to appear on Firing Line. 

A.I. Robot Says She No Longer Wants to Destroy Humans

She wants to be president and likes the movie Terminator though. 

What was behind Couric’s Editing Fudge on Gun Violence?

The journalist admitted she approved doctored footage in a documentary examining gun violence in America.