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Which Roman Emperor Are You?

Are you a wise Marcus Aurelius? A dignified Augustus? Perhaps the cultured Hadrian? Or maybe the diabolical Nero? 

How Well Do You Know Your Memorial Day Facts?

Refresh your Memorial Day knowledge with the quiz below!

How an Archer With No Arms Set a World Record

If you haven't heard Matt Stutzman's story yet, you should. ​

Can You Define These Winning Scripps Spelling Bee Words?

You may not be able to spell them, but do you know their definitions?

Should Boys be Encouraged to Live Dangerously?

Is it possible that the current generation of children is increasingly void of knowledge when it comes to creating things for themselves?

5 Telltale Signs That You’re a Sapiosexual

Never underestimate the sex appeal of intelligence. 

The Push to Give Elsa a Girlfriend

'Imagine it … a Disney princess who is gay and happy at the same time.'

How Our Perception of Masculinity is Changing

Does the public have a decidedly negative view of masculinity?

Lou Gehrig and the Culture of Victimhood

Lou Gehrig and the Culture of Victimhood

Would we see less social discord if more Americans responded to their complaints with the attitude which Gehrig took?

Is the NFL’s 'Redskins’ Debate Finally Over?

A new poll released by the Washington Post could be the nail in the coffin. 

The Hidden Philosophical Message in 'Gladiator'

In his final scene, Maximus undergoes what may be termed a gladiator’s “deathbed conversion.” 

The Zero-Tolerance Police Nab 5-Year-Old Girl

Her crime? Packing a toy gun that emitted soap bubbles. 

3 Non-Medicating Ways to Reduce Anxiety in Our Children

Would we see happier, more functional American families if parents made a more conscious effort to slow down, eliminate distractions, and spend quality time with their children?  

18 Ways Lord of Rings is Christian Allegory

18 Ways Lord of Rings is Christian Allegory

Tolkien once called Lord of the Rings “a fundamentally religious and Catholic work." Here are (about) 18 examples showing what he meant.

Oxford Expert: 10% Chance Humans Extinct in a Century

Oxford researchers say there is a surprisingly high chance that humans get wiped out by a nuclear holocaust. Or volcanoes. Or an asteroid. Or crafty machines.  

Did Bad Hemorrhoids Cause Napoleon to Lose at Waterloo?

It's a persistent claim and the theme of a popular book. 

Adventures Outside the Comfort Zone

How the media missed Donald Trump’s ascendancy. 

A Brain Teaser on the Power of Context

People will generally get one question wrong, and one right. 

10 Weird Facts on the Lincoln Assassination

One of the most dramatic events in American history is shrouded in mystery and oddity. 

One Simple Way to Keep Your Child from Being a Reading Statistic

One Simple Way to Keep Your Child from Being a Reading Statistic

Between 2011 and 2015 the number of American adults who didn’t read a book in the course of a single year went from 1 in 5 to fewer than 1 in 4.

Study: Half of Your ‘Friends’ are not Your Friends

There seems to be a great deal of confusion on who classifies as a "friend." 

Science Fiction: Why So Many Intellectuals Despise It

The genre was sneered at for years by those who viewed it as "low-class, childish, and quasi-pornographic." 

Ben Franklin’s 4 Rules for Disagreeable People

In a world where quick wit and self-interest are the norm, Franklin’s words are worthy of reflection.

10 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Everyday Decisions

We make up to 35,000 decisions a day. Try to avoid these ways of thinking. 

Scientists Finding Ways to Upload Knowledge to our Brains

Subjects receive electric signals as they sleep, and results show they outperform the placebo group by a hefty margin.

Audrey Hepburn on Life under Nazi Occupation

"It’s worse than you could ever imagine.”