There’s a Simple Reason Why More Women aren’t CEOs

A recent study in Scientific American explains why.

Are You Overscheduling Your Child?

We live in a culture that seems to measure happiness and success by how many activities or social events are on one’s calendar.

How One Mother Sends Her Kids to College at Age 11

Carson and Cannan Huey-You are making headlines for the early age at which they begin their college careers.

Ben Sasse's 5 Steps to Raising a Successful Adult

Kids will never be prepared for today's cruel world if we persist in giving them the velvet glove treatment.

Dostoyevsky on Why Lust is So Dangerous

Lust and its corrupting power are a central theme in Dostoyevsky's masterpiece 'The Brothers of Karamazov.'

Political Disagreement is a Bad Reason to Unfriend

It's brave to contact someone with whom you disagree politically and say “Let’s have coffee and talk."

Why Millennial Women Want to Date Older Men

Are young women scrambling to escape Tinderverse?

Emma Watson just won the first ‘Gender-Neutral’ acting award. What does that mean?

MTV abolished gender-specific categories for acting awards this year.

Physician: Raising Happy Kids Shouldn’t Be the Main Goal

It’s good to let children pursue their interests. But the fact is, they are children and at a stage in which the will is fickle and the mind untrained.

Divorce is Making Inequality Worse, International Study Finds

We hold equality in very high esteem these days. But given this study, I wonder if we are overlooking one of the greatest equalizers around.

Why Decline in Religion Might Be Driving the Campus Protests

Has the diminishment of one part of the First Amendment led to the squelching of another?

3 Reasons One Public School Advocate is Giving Up on the System

A former public school teacher and supporter has changed her tune: "Everyone who can leave, should."

What Caused the Collapse of Parental Authority?

Parental authority seems to have all but disappeared in many families. Instead, children are given the velvet glove treatment.

‘Adulting’ School is Great – If It Happens in Elementary School

Do schools need to go back to teaching basics like cooking to ensure that kids have the tools and responsibility to succeed in the real world?

If kids can’t cross streets safely, why do we offer them sex changes?

The latest research by developmental psychologists shows that American children are not competent at crossing busy streets until they are at least 14.

Why Teaching Proper Manners to Kids is More Important Today Than Ever

‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ go a long way in a self-entitled world.  

Beren and Lúthien: Tolkien’s Greatest Love Story

The reason that Tolkien’s greatest love story has been largely unknown is that it is little more than a footnote in 'The Lord of the Rings.'

The Loneliness of the Middle-aged Man

As well as his family, a man needs friends.

Why Do Schools Shut Parents Out of the Classroom?

"Many educators have the view that parents can be nuisances and their school contacts should be limited."

Gallup asked Americans why they go to church. It’s not for the music.

Gallup asked fifteen hundred Americans why they attend religious services. The responses might surprise you.

Technology Addiction and the Gollumizing of Our Culture

An abundance of research shows both technology addiction and loneliness are on the rise. Is there a connection?

Why an Epidemic of Lonely Children is Upon Us

The British counseling service, Childline, has recently reported an uptick in the number of lonely children. But why?

Why Parents Should Play With Their Children

Playing benefits both parent and child.

How Lazy Millennials Are Hurting Whole Foods

If Whole Foods sales are any indication, their strategy of catering to millennials isn't working - for an obvious reason.

Pioneer Feminist: Feminism Didn’t Turn Out as Well as We Thought

Author and feminist activist Fay Weldon confesses that her earlier quest for feminism failed to consider the interests of mothers and children.

Target CEO: Maybe that Transgender Bathroom Announcement Wasn’t Such a Good Idea After All

According to a recent WSJ report, Target Chief Executive Brian Cornell admitted to internal sources that the company handled the issue poorly.