Monogamy isn’t Natural. But is it Good?

In an interview with Playboy magazine, Scarlett Johansson hinted that monogamy is a quixotic endeavor: 'I don’t think it’s natural'

Should Homeschoolers Be Allowed to Play Public School Sports?

Do we have a bit of a double standard when the commitment to inclusivity is denied to homeschool students?

‘Jane Roe’ Made Abortion Legal. Then a Minister Changed her Heart.

She founded ‘Roe No More’ two decades ago to expose abortion lies.

Mom Teaches Son to ‘Adult’ in a Refreshingly Creative Way

Do more parents need to step back and insist their children follow through with their chores?

Motherhood: The Ideal vs Reality

The chaos of children makes for a good life anyway.

Respectful Children So Rare that Restaurant Owner Gives Them a Discount

Many of today’s children seem to have a lack of respect for others, a fact which becomes particularly apparent in their poor behavior in public.

Why Children Ask 'Why' (And How You Should Answer Them)

Giving a good answer to a ‘Why?’ question is not just a philosophical abstraction.

Nation’s Longest Wed Couple Reveals the Secret to a Good Marriage

A New Zealand couple are honored for their fidelity.

How Religion in America Differed From Religion in Europe

Alexis de Tocqueville noticed an important difference during his travels in the 1830s.  

Study: Unhappy New Marriages Usually Turn in to Happy Ones

Would couples find the happy marriage they want if they were willing to weather the storm instead of simply jumping ship?

20 Life Experiences Every Child Should Have

Would we see a stronger generation of adults if parents let their children navigate the school of hard knocks a little more often?

Entire Homeschooling Family Kidnapped by the State

Harris spent time researching homeschooling, which she ultimately decided was the best direction for her family. Unfortunately, the state disagreed.

Why We Should Stop Drugging Our Kids

Rather than suppressing our kids’ natural behavior with powerful medications, maybe we need to learn to suppress our own.

Study: Cohabitation Far Less Stable for Children Than Marriage

 Children born into cohabiting families are about twice as likely to see their parents split, a new study found.

Happy 150th Birthday, Laura Ingalls Wilder

One hundred-fifty years later, the small details and great themes of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life still matter.

Battling Porn With Virtue Education (and Common Sense)

According to recent estimates, the average age at which boys now begin use of Internet pornography is 11.

Student Disrespect Takes Down Another Teacher

In case one needed further evidence that American schools are in chaos, the video below will put any doubts to rest.

Raising Honest Kids in a Post-Truth World

We need to fight back against a culture that tells our kids that truthfulness does not matter.

Do Men Secretly Want Stay-at-Home Wives?

Are men afraid to tell women their true desires?

Second Grade Reading Textbooks: 1879 vs. Today

There are two major differences between the texts used today and those used in the schools of the past.

Is Parental Fear of Boredom Overworking Kids?

Growing up, I knew better than to utter those two infamous words of childhood: “I’m bored.”

Our Culture is Dead

Anthony Esolen isn’t saying our culture is vulgar and debased. He’s saying it no longer exists.

Is it Still Important to Teach Children to Sew?

"I think the disconnection [to sewing] comes from schools. They don’t have life-learning events in schools anymore...."

How to Break the Deadbeat Dad Cycle

A new NYU study suggests men want to be better dads—many just don’t know how.

Systemic Racism or the Collapse of the Family?

Those on the left and right have very different “what’s wrong with America” narratives—especially on the subject of race.

Is Ivanka Making Motherhood Great Again?

Kate Middleton has done an exceptional job of making motherhood glam again. ... Like Middleton, Ivanka has allowed herself to be defined by motherhood.

On Ben Franklin's Letter to an Atheist

In a 1757, Ben Franklin scolded a friend preparing to publish an atheist tract. But was Franklin's reason sound?