How to Overcome Awkward Conversations During the Holidays

The reality is that almost everyone–single, infertile, overwhelmed by parenting, out of work–has their own set of heartaches and personal issues.

Study Explains Best Way to Bond with Kids While Reading

For many years now, my family has always tried to make some time over the holidays to sit down together and read old Christmas stories.

How to Know When Holiday Drinking is Hurting Your Brain

Tis the season of love, merriment, and ... binge drinking. 

The Classic Christmas Movies That Say Taxation Is Theft

And it happens in the first 30 seconds of the film. 

How One College Prof Learned to Love Homeschoolers

Four reasons Professor Ali Gordon became a fan of homeschooling.

Regretting Motherhood: A Symptom of 21st Century Anti-Natalism

“Baby regret” seems to be the zeitgeist, and we have to wonder why. 

The Story Behind Charles Dickens' ‘A Christmas Carol’

Originally he had intended to write a pamphlet called “An Appeal to the People of England, on Behalf of the Poor Man's Child.”

Smartphones are Killing Relationships

The newest relationship buster: a pair of researchers found that excessive smartphone usage ranks right up there with bad sex and money problems.

About Those Apparitions Who Shook Down Scrooge for Money

What was the real purpose of this psychological waterboarding?

Feminism Demands Too Much Intellectual Conformity of Women

In public discussions, men have permission to disagree. Women, on the other hand, face much more pressure to conform to the Idea.

Kellyanne Conway and the Brave New Feminist World

Trump's campaign manager has turned down a White House job to be with her children. Feminists freaked.

Why Don’t More People Teach Manners?

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

Whatever Happened to ‘Go Outside and Play’?

Are today's parents micromanaging their kids to the point of harm?

Old Man Potter: The Real Hero of 'It's a Wonderful Life'

While the Baileys squandered their investors’ money on subprime loans, Mr. Potter was employing half of Bedford Falls. 

10 Lessons Marcus Aurelius Learned From His Father

10 Lessons Marcus Aurelius Learned From His Father

The last of Rome’s Five Great Emperors left a record of important life-lessons he learned from his adopted father. 

Women Commit a Shockingly High Percentage of Sex Crimes

Women  prisoners were three times as likely to be sexually victimized by women inmates than were men inmates by other male inmates.

Louisa May Alcott’s Insightful Advice for Young Women

Louisa May Alcott had some interesting views as a feminist.

‘Adulting’ School Founded to Teach Millennials How to Be Adults

We’ve failed to teach the next generation basic skills, and now it’s becoming a problem.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is now mostly about getting together as family, eating a big meal, and gearing up for the Christmas shopping.

Why Kids Should Learn How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

Does keeping young people out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving do them a disservice?

3 Reasons We Don’t We Feel More Gratitude for Our Bounty

How often do we overestimate our own contributions and underestimate the contributions of others?

Why Thanksgiving is on the Last Thursday in November

President Lincoln did it during the Civil War. 

Psychologist: ‘Parenting Correctness’ Leading Parents Astray

Psychologist John Rosemond said parents often buy in to these two myths on child discipline, neither of which is true or helpful.

5 Reasons Parents Want Homework to Disappear

Parents in Spain are planning homework strikes in November for some of these same reasons.

Is Loneliness Driving People to Eat Out More?

The increase in spending at restaurants may tell us something about the state of our society.

The 3 Top Reasons Parents Homeschool Children

New statistics show homeschooling continues to grow in the U.S.