Is ‘Closed for Thanksgiving’ Trending?

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Plutarch’s 3 Tips for Choosing a School

Simple wisdom that's relevant for our time.

5 Reasons Millennials Don’t Want Kids

5 Reasons Millennials Don’t Want Kids

Are their reasons persuasive?

How Summer Camps and Scout Groups Turn Kids into Citizens

Boy Scouting and many residential summer camps teach essential life skills – such as a cooperative work ethic and active civic engagement.

5 Things Your Kids Will Remember About You

5 Things Your Kids Will Remember About You

Here are the five things kids will remember of you.

Why the U.S. Education Secretary is Wrong on Homeschooling

Is it time we put to rest the idea that homeschoolers are social outcasts?

Mediocrity: The Force Driving Parents to Homeschool?

“Most public schools are good at doing what they’re intended to do – provide a uniform ‘education’ to the masses. If you want that, go for it."

Amy Schumer: Unlikely but Persuasive Defender of Marriage

The often ribald comedian shared some surprising reflections on the importance of marriage.

Doctor: Excusing Kids from Chores is “a Mistake”

Eighty-two percent of today’s parents did chores as a child, but only 28 percent of them expect the same out of their own children.  

15 Hilarious Comics That Illustrate the Struggles of Being a Parent

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Why It's Good For Children to Work Alongside Their Parents

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Entrepreneur: Kids Get C-Minus in Financial Literacy

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Pursuing the Good Life

Here's some advice on a starting point.

Student Explains Why Pokémon Boom is Actually a Great Thing

Turns out there are a lot of positive benefits to playing Pokémon Go. Who knew?

Americans Say U.S. Schools Stink (But Not Their Own)

Why do Americans continue to have such confidence in their local schools?

Margaret Mead and Agenda-Driven Social Science

Margaret Mead’s 'Coming of Age in Samoa' is a cautionary tale of the consequences of agenda-driven social science.

Teacher: Forget the Homework, Spend Time with Family

“I ask that you... eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside, and get your child to bed early."

Are We Pushing Kids to Read Too Early?

Giving children time to explore and learn to read on their own timetable may set them on a path to greater understanding and maturity.

Children Should be Encouraged to Read Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy fiction is often pooh-poohed by academics and intellectuals, but it can whet the appetite for learning.

Are Children Missing Life Lessons by not Gardening?

My experience growing up in an urban gardening family suggests such might be the case, for gardening teaches children several important life lessons.

Black Families in Georgia Are Choosing to Homeschool

Is it a paradigm that could work across the country?

C.S. Lewis’ theory on why so many modern marriages fail

Are we placing too much emphasis on "being-in-love"?

Teacher: Embrace Books, Ditch Technology

Our classrooms should be places where we push back against technology, against a life largely circumscribed by screens.