Olympic Athlete: ‘I was born to have babies’

Does society have a problem accepting the idea that motherhood can be a fulfilling and non-shameful role for a woman?

Are Schools Replacing Parents?

Are we encouraging parents not to fulfill their role in training their children because schools are doing it for them?  

Why cooking from scratch is still important

Do we need to be more intentional in teaching our children the skills, knowledge, and wisdom they will need if convenience ever disappears?  

Award-Winning Teacher: 8 Problems Plaguing Children

The children I teach are indifferent to the adult world.

Teacher: Public Schools Can’t Support Gifted Students

Have we brought public education down to such a low shelf that average students are now "gifted"?

Psychologist: 8 Ways Parents Can Get a Child to Read

Is there a way for parents to encourage reading habits in children who may have learned to handle simple texts, but aren’t turning into avid readers?

Looking up at three pillars
Boys Today Aren’t Getting Enough Time Around Men

Boys Today Aren’t Getting Enough Time Around Men

Is it any wonder that there's a lack of good men? 

Kids Today Need More (Not Less) Responsibility

Our society has a misguided fear of loading children down with “too much responsibility.”

Soaring Child Care Costs: Is there an Alternative?

Are parents shortchanging their abilities and their wallets by thinking they have to pay experts in order to foster that development in their child?

What Parents can do to Make Children Great Writers

Statistics show that nearly three out of four high school seniors are unable to attain proficiency in writing.

Have Parents Forgotten to Teach the Magic Words?

Do parents need to begin raising their children to understand that they are not the center of the universe?

girl crying

‘Why are we so miserable?’

Thoughts from a professor on the hook-up culture.

How Equality Destroyed the Carnegie Family

Equality destroyed “Carnegie” the family in favor of Andrew the man.

Are Children’s Lives Becoming Too Structured?

“Why do [children] ... prefer structured activities to unstructured ones and ... seek adult guidance rather than lead peers on their own?”

Is Society Destroying the Kind of Women Men Want?

Today's men are uninterested in women who act as self-absorbed attention seekers.

Why Some Gays Are Trying to drop Transgenders from LGBT

Why Some Gays Are Trying to drop Transgenders from LGBT

There is a movement afoot to drop the T from LGBT. 

Why Pediatricians are now Treating 35 Year Olds

Who would have thought that childhood could be prolonged this long?

When Freedom and the Common Good Collide

'You cite radical relativism as the downfall of our society, but you don’t offer an alternative.'

Home-Cooked Meals Aren’t Killing Mother Earth

Encouraging people to stop cooking is a recipe for disaster.

What Is the Cause of our Angry Politics?

The answer can be found in a five-letter word that begins with a T. 

Home-cooking is Out, Restaurants are In

3 Reasons Why This Is a Problem

Research Implies the Gender Pay Gap Might be a Fiction

New studies suggest the gender wage gap is smaller than commonly believed and may have little to do with discrimination.

Choreless Generation Doesn’t Want Summer Jobs

Another side effect of the participation trophy and entitlement culture?