Is a War Against the Family Being Waged in the West?

How do we continue to exist in a culture that brands traditional morality oppressive?

10 Facts on Motherhood and Children in the Middle Ages

A historian's book on everyday life in Medieval Europe reveals an interesting portrait.

Has the ‘War on Boys’ Entered the Workforce?

The Washington Post recently reported on a growing problem afflicting the American workforce: fewer men are participating.

Wise Parenting Uses Natural Consequences

Can the freedom philosophy be applied to parenting?

Why Are Basic Manners Becoming So Rare?

The use of polite language in every day conversation shouldn’t be unique.

Jane Austen Vindicates the Rights of Women

The new film 'Lady Susan' reveals the grapple for power and money in the 19th-century marriage market. 

Fathers: Not as Worthless as We’ve Been Told

Is it time we recognized that fathers are far more valuable and positively influential in a child’s life than we give them credit for?

Psychologists: Boredom is Good for Children

Psychologists: Boredom is Good for Children

Continual adult-directed activities may be preventing creativity and innovation in children.

Actress: Public School a Wedge Between Parent and Child

"I realized the school structure of sending work home is strangely geared to form a wedge between the parent and the child."

Is School Violence Linked to the Breakdown of the Family?

Is School Violence Linked to the Breakdown of the Family?

With the breakdown of the family there are an increasing number of children who have failed to make these attachments because their family is in chaos.

Abstaining from Sex Until Marriage Helps Marriages Last

Abstaining from Sex Until Marriage Helps Marriages Last

New research suggests that virgin brides have the lowest divorce rates.

Harvard Prof: Democracy Doesn’t Work Without Religion

Harvard Prof: Democracy Doesn’t Work Without Religion

‘If you take away religion, you can’t hire enough police.’

Homeschool Grads: More Unique and Innovative?

These homeschool grads are not only planning to attend college, they already are in college.

Today’s One-Room Schools: Why Families Love Them

Is it possible that smaller, more local schools can offer surprising educational benefits that today’s mammoth institutions are missing?

A Natural Remedy to Treat ADHD

Is it possible that many children with ADHD don’t need drugs as much as we’ve been led to believe?

Women Now Committing Adultery at the Same Rate as Men

Women Now Committing Adultery at the Same Rate as Men

Is that really a sign of progress though?

11-Year-Old Girl Eviscerates Hollywood

11-Year-Old Girl Eviscerates Hollywood

Ella Frech, who lost the use of her legs in 2014, has a message that will make you stand and applaud. 

How TV's Drip-Feed Destroys Your Mind

Unplugging yourself from the rube tube can be life-changing. 

Chores: The Canary in the Coal Mine of Kids’ Character

Pediatrician Deborah Gilboa explains why chores are a necessity for children.

Are Parents Training Children to be Inattentive?

Parents today have grown used to catering to their children’s whims, letting them drift from sport to musical instrument, to another kind of activity.

How Books in the Home Impact Future Income

Earnings increased by 21% for men who grew up in a household full of books.


Memorial Day message on Battle of Buna-Gona

Worthy of our Inheritance?

I have been blessed beyond measure to inherit a free country because others have fought and many have died. 

How an Archer With No Arms Set a World Record

If you haven't heard Matt Stutzman's story yet, you should. ​

Psychologist: Having Children Makes Us Unhappy, Kills Romance

But don't write off marriage with children just yet. The psychologist buried what is perhaps the most salient (and positive) part of his findings. 

Are Homeschoolers Overqualified?

A shocking letter to Mike Rowe suggests they are.

More Evidence of Male-Female Role Reversal?

More employed young men are choosing to live with their parents. Guess what employed young women are doing.

Why We Need Alpha Males

Somebody has to fight the wolves.