Real Progressives Study the Classics

Real Progressives Study the Classics

"All through the history of the West the Greeks have continued to spur innovation..." 

How America Became Class Conscious

How America Became Class Conscious

Class is changing in America, as are our perceptions of it.

6 Statistics That Show How Much America Has Changed in a Half-Century

6 Statistics That Show How Much America Has Changed in a Half-Century

Here are six statistics that drive home just how much things have changed in America in a little more than a half-century:

The Key to Happiness: Focus on what’s within your control

The Key to Happiness: Focus on what’s within your control

The idea can be traced to the Stoic philosopher Epictetus.

Behind Closed Doors: What the Piltdown Man Hoax from 1912 can Teach Science Today

What the Piltdown Man hoax from 1912 can teach science today.

The President Is Not the Commander in Chief of the United States, Nor Its CEO

This is a constitutional republic, and we don’t have a commander in chief.

Camille Paglia: Neo feminism teaching women to live in ‘a permanently juvenile condition’

"Second-wave feminism went off the track when it started to demonize men and blame them for all the evils in human history."

City: 'If something is not permitted it is prohibited.'

Should Americans have a right to garden in their own yards?

Would You Have Worn the Yellow Star?

When Germany occupied Hungary, the Nazis mandated that all Jews wear a yellow star and few Jews dared to resist.

How One Mother Sends Her Kids to College at Age 11

Carson and Cannan Huey-You are making headlines for the early age at which they begin their college careers.

Survey: 60% of Millennials Don't Believe in Right and Wrong

Unfortunately, they're directly contradicting some of the greatest thinkers of all time by taking such a view.

Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?

Everyone knows that had Lincoln not attacked the South, slavery would exist today, right?

What Anne Shirley Teaches about Dealing with Victimhood

L.M. Montgomery's beloved Anne books give many examples of how true victims should behave.

The Epic of Gilgamesh: A Guide to the Classics

The Epic of Gilgamesh explores the nature and meaning of being human, and asks the questions that continue to be debated in the modern day.

Arizona Lawmaker Urges End to Compulsory Schooling

Arizona lawmaker Paul Mosley joins a growing number of citizens concerned about the rise in forced schooling and the decline in overall competence.

Is John F. Kennedy Responsible for the Alt-Right?

Kennedy encouraged modern males to transcend the traditional ideal of provider and embrace hip new guidelines promoting excitement.

Why Do People Become Communists, and Why Do They Stick With It?

There is no rational case for communism... so why do people go for this stuff?

Where did Nazi doctors learn their ethics?

They had plenty of ethics - just the wrong kind.

How May Day Went From a Religious Holiday to a Socialist One

Communist countries have enshrined May Day as one of their most important holidays, often marked by elaborate workforce parades. 

This 1886 Cornell English Syllabus May Explain Why College Students Can’t Write

Unfortunately, today's colleges aren't improving the writing woes of American students.

The NFL Draft and the Division of Labor

In Plato's Republic, Socrates says that specialization is advantageous, because "we are not all alike."

Education Used to Happen Outside of School

Schooling as a forced societal construct is a fairly recent phenomenon.

When Did Rome Really Fall?

Some say that "Rome" still hasn't fallen. 

How J.R.R. Tolkien Responded to News of the Atomic Bomb

His response serves as a reminder of the dangers we currently face.  

The West Has Done Bad Things… But So Has Every Other Culture

It has become common for many Americans and Europeans to denounce the West because of its past sins.

The Bad Manners of the Campus Left (Video)

Lawrence Reed, president of FEE, went to the University of Colorado-Denver to deliver a lecture on Ancient Rome. It didn't go well.

What Deep Throat Could Teach Us About Fake News

The only way we can get out of this mess is to stop using the internet as a crutch for thinking.

How Latin is Helping Inner City Youths Strive and Succeed

The Boys' Latin School has revived the dead language and made it a cornerstone in their curriculum for disadvantaged, minority students in Philly.