The Income Tax Basically Implies that Government Owns You

Frank Chodorov once described the income tax as the root of all evil. His target was not the tax itself, but the principle behind it.

Charles Murray Was Just Vindicated by Two Cornell Professors

The protest against Murray seems to be based on hyper-sensitivity rather than rational thought.

How Jefferson Fostered Rational Thinking in Politics

He was more interested in spurring rational thought than in pursuing political grandstanding.

Thomas Edison Would Have Been Given Adderall Today

Nancy Edison rejected schooling in favor of learning for Thomas Edison.

Democracy Needs Aristocracy

Democracy Needs Aristocracy

If Western democracy is to survive, it must incorporate that which it has long regarded as its diametrical opposite—the aristocratic.

Mohammed Cartoon Publisher: The Definition of Tolerance has Changed

Is it possible that this is what is driving the chaos we are witnessing in society?

Are Rights Anything More Than Legal Conventions?

Philosophers have debated the nature of human rights since at least the 12th century, often under the name of ‘natural rights’.

Techniques of 19th-century fake news reporter teach us why we are suckers for it

By the 1850s, fake news was so widespread in Germany that it had become its own genre – the “unechte Korrespondenz.”

The Progressive Roots of Fascism

Popular wisdom holds that Fascism and Communism were diametrical opposites.  They weren't.

Why Is War Such a Seductive Illusion?

It’s easy to offer slogans, but the real world of foreign conflicts rarely offer a clean choice between peace and war.

Students asked to Defend Nazis and the Holocaust in Homework Assignment

Apparently in the environs of Syracuse, New York, genocide isn’t a particularly troubling subject.

America’s ‘Hostility to Reading’ - 4 Reasons for it

Noted historian Jacques Barzun said that there are 4 cultural forces that still encourage a hostility to reading in America. 

George Washington Bought an INSANE Amount of Alcohol to Launch his Political Career

In 1758, a young George Washington was seeking a seat in the Virginia burgess. You won't believe his bar tab. 

Is the West Worth Defending?

We should respond to the question of whether the West is worth defending by first asking this:  Which West are we being asked to defend?

Have We Learned Anything at All Since the Great War?

This month marks the centenary of the entry of the United States into World War I.

Why Is Trump Waging War on the Freedom Caucus?

This is not about partisanship. It is about obtaining freer lives.

How Did Celibacy Become Mandatory for Priests?

Over many centuries, Christian writers took scriptural ideals from Judaism and coupled them with Greco-Roman philosophical ideals of self-control.

Teaching Chess to Kids Spurs Academic Achievement

Franklin County, Mississippi introduced chess into its curriculum and achieved amazing results.

Milton Friedman on 'the Major Fault of the Collectivist Philosophy'

In his 1951 essay “Neo-Liberalism and its Prospects,” Milton Friedman predicted a retreat of collectivism few saw coming. 

Six Graphs that Reveal Big Problems for Student and Auto Loans

Forget the housing bubble. These graphs show we're heading for some serious problems in the auto and student loan arenas.

Fascism Has Left and Right Wing Roots

Fascism wasn't built just on hate. It also promised robust social welfare to people fearful of unbridled capitalism.

Dangers of the Witch Hunts in Washington

Societies with weak or nonexistent judicial systems may control persistent disruptive behavior by accusing the disruptive person of being a witch.

Preschooler Gets Week-long Suspension for Picking Up Shell Casing

Have we gradually shamed little boys into avoiding bold, independent, and enterprising interests?

Gregory Watson: The C Student Who Amended the Constitution

In 1982 a University of Texas student stumbled on a proposed constitutional amendment that was never ratified. So he did something about it.

Professor: Relativism Destroying Our Esteem for Education

A case for ditching relativism and returning to absolutes?

The Irish Potato Famine: What Caused It?

Did the English create the Famine on purpose as some have theorized?