Reality: Most People Don't Care about Truth

This is why a country like the U.S. needs to educate people in rhetoric. 

Common Sense Is Getting Lost in the Immigration Debate

If we think of the nation as a family rather than as a machine or algorithm, it helps to put a lot of our problems in perspective. 

Can the Nazis be Forgiven? Exploring the Complexities of Forgiveness

The concept of forgiveness constitutes one of the most essential fundamentals of the human relationship with God, in the Judaic tradition.

America’s Demise: Trump’s a Sign, not the Cause

Richard Stengel writes in the Atlantic that the American Century is over and Trump’s to blame. He’s only half right.

Camus and Sartre: How Communism Drove them Apart

In 'The Rebel,' Camus declared for a peaceful socialism that would not resort to revolutionary violence. Sartre read the book with disgust.

Are We Already Fighting the 2nd Civil War?

Are We Already Fighting the 2nd Civil War?

A conservative pundit recently made the claim that "America is currently fighting its Second Civil War."

Harvard Article from 1863 Offers 3 Simple Rules for Reading

We all know how important reading is. It benefits relationships, builds language development, and even lengthens one’s life.

3 Books That Explain the Decline of Western Civilization

These 3 books explain what is happening with our culture.

Carl Sagan's Prediction of America’s Future Goes Viral

“I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time – when the United States is a service and information economy… 

EPA logo against mountains and river

It’s called the Executive Branch

Stop panicking about the “gag order” or “censorship” of federal agencies like the EPA. 

Odysseus' Voyage: What We Can Learn From Homer's Everyman

Odysseus serves as an image of homo viator. Man on a journey. Travelling man. Man on a quest.

Is Respect Vanishing from Society?

By focusing so much on respect for the self, have we lost focus of the respect we owe to individuals, places, and events?

On Ben Franklin's Letter to an Atheist

In a 1757, Ben Franklin scolded a friend preparing to publish an atheist tract. But was Franklin's reason sound? 

How Ancient Greek Skepticism Can Thwart Internet Trolls

Ancient Greek philosopher Pyrrho of Elis pioneered a philosophy that might come in handy when dealing with pesky internet Trolls. 

Why Americans Need to Give Trump a Shot

Donald Trump may seem like the last person in the world who could unify us, but one has to admit: he's shown a knack for exceeding expectations. 

Jefferson’s 1801 Inaugural Address is Perfect for 2017

Would President Trump, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents do well to put the recent past behind and take Jefferson’s sage advice to heart?

Does This Philosopher's 30-Year-Old Observation Explain the Current Social Upheaval?

Does This Philosopher's 30-Year-Old Observation Explain the Current Social Upheaval?

It first made its appearance during the sexual revolution, but has now been taken to a whole new level.


The Radical Skepticism of Impressionism

The paradox is this: All that is radical must be rooted. 

Professor: The Perks of One-Room Schools

Do we have the intellectual honesty and courage to admit that some of the past’s ideas might still be beneficial?

8 Characteristics of a Rational Soul

Nearly two thousand years ago, a well-known philosopher laid out the characteristics that make up a rational person. 

Benjamin Franklin’s 4 Steps to Becoming a Great Writer

How did Franklin get to be such a prolific, proficient, and admirable author? The answer is simple...

The Mob Grows in Strength...

The herd mentality. The susceptibility to propaganda. The philistine disdain for higher ideals.

Politician: Wives Should Withhold Sex Until Husbands Vote

Voting is a basic civic duty in a democracy. But are incentives to vote actually helpful? 

Humans are Intensely Loyal to Groups that Haze Newcomers. Why?

Hazing practices have a deep history and cross-cultural universality.

Why it’s Easier to Create an Extremist Group in Iraq than a Moderate One

It all comes down to two things, says an Iraqi-born writer.

9 Truths MLK Taught us about Peace and Nonviolence

Important words to remember during these difficult times.

The Intellectual Roots of Martin Luther King Jr.

Popular culture often overlooks that MLK's ideas and rhetoric were steeped in the Western tradition.

Populism Has Finally Beat Progressivism

With a Trump presidency at hand an inescapable historical irony deserves to be noted.