MLK's Nobel Peace Prize Speech

A speech for the ages.

Yearning for Good, Old-Fashioned Paganism

Give me the dawn of the Greek golden age in philosophy and not the setting of reason’s sun in the gloom, doom and nihilism of postmodernism.

Nobody Knows Where the Word ‘Religion’ Comes From

The etymology of the term is a mystery

Americans are Charitable without the Government’s Help

Who is better equipped to help the poor: bureaucracy or caring citizens?

When Warming Up a Car in Winter Becomes a Crime

A Michigan man's ticketing for warming up his car on a frigid day brings to mind something Bertrand Russell wrote on "petty power."

Why George Washington’s Farewell Address Still Matters

President Obama said goodbye to the nation last night. Did his speech measure up? 

Thomas Paine on the Dangers of Elitism

Would Paine equate today's politicians with King George?

Philosopher: Chance is Baked into the Cake of Democracy

Philosopher: Chance is Baked into the Cake of Democracy

In a state devoted to upholding the principle of equality – as a democracy does – chance is the proper and only foundation of authority.

Former NEA Lawyer: Abolish the Department of Education

Would we see a change for the better in the nation’s schools if education was placed back in the hands of local communities?

Did Plato Get His Ideas from the Bible?

Did Plato Get His Ideas from the Bible?

This thesis was common in the ancient world. 

How to Avoid Pointless Reading

We waste a lot of time trying to plow through books without a clear purpose.

College Shouldn’t Be Considered the Only Option for Success

Pushing everyone toward college can only lead to disillusionment and lost opportunities for both the student and society at large.

Why Is School Compulsory?

School has nothing to do with freedom.

How to Get Ready for the Economic Recession Coming in 2017

Even though many indicators look amazing today, if history is any guide, we are due for another economic downturn.


Celebrating New Year's with The Twilight Zone

The basic premise of the show—ordinary human beings caught in extraordinary (and often supernatural) circumstances—never grows old.  

10 New Year’s Resolutions Courtesy of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson recognized the value of making a list of goals to strive after.

Wise (and Timeless) Advice from Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling’s outspoken views on the foreign and domestic policies of his day guaranteed him some powerful enemies. 

5 of the Coolest Biblical Archaeology Finds from 2016

A few interesting discoveries you may have missed this year.

Countdown: Our Most Read Stories of 2016 (25-1)

Looking forward to a great 2017 of rational and reasoned discourse with you, our wonderful audience!

Shakespeare the Scapegoat: Sacrificing the Bard on an Altar of Ignorance

Ivy League students removed a hallway portrait of William Shakespeare (too white) and replaced it with a photo of black lesbian activist.

Countdown: Our Most Read Stories of 2016 (50-26)

At Intellectual Takeout, we are thankful for the opportunities we had to discuss the ideas and issues of society with our audience in 2016.

13 Badass Facts About Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th U.S. president, was more than the man behind the Panama Canal and the inspiration for the teddy bear.

Yes, We’re Getting Dumber. But Why?

A former teacher offers a reason which we rarely hear.

The Most Influential Scientist You Never Heard Of (Probably)

His belief in the unity of the cosmos had far-reaching implications for understanding humanity.

The Great Equalizer

Guns give women greater power. 

The Powerful Messages of Christmas Carols

The lessons are timeless.