Education in America Before the Education System

Literacy and basic mathematical skills were nearly universal in America before the creation of our current system.

George Orwell's Review of Mein Kampf

While working as a journalist during the Second World War, Orwell penned a review of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. 

The Christmas Story according to Luke

'I too have decided, after investigating everything accurately anew, to write it down...'

Failure to Launch: Young Americans Living with Parents Hits 75-Year High

Nearly 40 percent of young Americans lived with their parents or other relatives in 2015, the highest percentage since 1940.

10 Interesting Historical Facts about European Monasteries

The monastery was the most influential institution in Western Europe during the Middle Ages.  

FDR On How to Find ‘Peace on Earth’ Amid War and Despair

FDR and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow each offered hope from a surprising source in the midst of national despair.

The Reason Nazis Studied American Race Laws

In the early 20th century, the US, with its vigorous and creative legal culture, led the world in racist lawmaking. 

The Electoral College Is No Accident

The appropriateness of the Electoral College should be seen in light of what our form of government is supposed to be - a democratic republic.

Could This Assassination Be the Beginning of World War 3?

Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was assassinated in Ankara on Monday evening.

Grammar Nazis: A True Intellectual is More Gracious

A true intellectual would never correct someone’s grammar on social media.

When Santa Claus was Replaced by Ded Moroz

Once upon a time, in a far away land, Santa Claus gave way to Ded Moroz or “Old Man Frost.” 

Orwell on the Difference Between Patriotism and Nationalism

The difference is relatively simple. But Orwell makes it clear that nationalism has nothing to do with nationhood. 

4 in 10 Completely Clueless on 1st Amendment

Leno: “What are the Bill of Rights?”

Man-on-the-Street: Uh… thou shalt not steal?

Washington Irving on the Problem with Christmas

In 1820, he offered a critique on the problem of the modern Christmas. Does it sound familiar?

The Story Behind Charles Dickens' ‘A Christmas Carol’

Originally he had intended to write a pamphlet called “An Appeal to the People of England, on Behalf of the Poor Man's Child.”

Did Beer Give Birth to Civilization?

Compelling evidence suggests that the discovery of brewing led to farming in the prehistoric world. 

Teacher: Spoon-feeding Students Kills Creative Learning

"No longer were the students expected to enter the kitchen; rather they chose from a menu and expected it to be served up ready-cooked."

Separatism: Did Everyone Miss a Global Trend of a Different Kind?

Is it possible the building block of the modern world was crumbling beneath our feet when we thought a new global order was taking shape?

The Evolution of King Arthur

The name Arthur first appears in the work of the 9th century Welsh historian Nennius, who lists twelve battles Arthur fought against invading Saxons.

Professor: America’s Public Schools Have Always Been ‘Religious’

Professor: America’s Public Schools Have Always Been ‘Religious’

Prof. Charles Glenn shows that the creation of public schools was the triumph of one particular form of religion over others.

Is Eliminating Jobs Really ‘Progress’?

Amazon grocery stores will eliminate waiting in lines... and jobs.

Why Pearl Harbor Could Happen Again

December 7th marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In reading through headlines, one concern keeps resurfacing.

The Historical Origin of 'Political Correctness'

A professor at Boston University recently touched on origins of the term ‘politically correct.’ And it's revealing.

Chesterton: In Defense of Eating that Christmas Turkey

The holiday season is here, and with it comes the dance to make sure nobody is offended.

Why Donald Trump Should Heed Plato on Foreign Policy

Does the ancient Greek philosopher offer a new way forward? 

10 Lessons Marcus Aurelius Learned From His Father

10 Lessons Marcus Aurelius Learned From His Father

The last of Rome’s Five Great Emperors left a record of important life-lessons he learned from his adopted father.