Secede and Decentralize: An Open Letter to Clinton Supporters

Would a decentralization movement actually result in more freedom and better government?

Hitler’s Religion: The Twisted Beliefs That Drove the Third Reich

What if Hitler was neither Christian nor an atheist but still religious in his worldview?

Louisa May Alcott’s Insightful Advice for Young Women

Louisa May Alcott had some interesting views as a feminist.

It's Undeniable that Fidel Castro Made Cuba Poorer

Between 1949 and 1959, the per capita GDP in Cuba barely changed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is now mostly about getting together as family, eating a big meal, and gearing up for the Christmas shopping.

Thanksgiving According to the Founding Fathers

5 quotes which go beyond gratitude for turkey and pie.

The Irony Everyone’s Missing in the Hamilton-Pence Controversy

The left likes to characterize Trump as Hitler, but in actuality his campaign was largely based on the ideas of – wait for it – Alexander Hamilton.

3 Reasons We Don’t We Feel More Gratitude for Our Bounty

How often do we overestimate our own contributions and underestimate the contributions of others?

Why Thanksgiving is on the Last Thursday in November

President Lincoln did it during the Civil War. 

Yes, There Are Benefits to Studying Latin

Maybe that's why it's enjoying a resurgence?

JFK’s Assassination Speech Has a Message America Needs to Hear

John F. Kennedy was killed before he could deliver the speech, but its words carry a message Americans need to hear.

Homeschool Kid Becomes Youngest in Canadian Parliament

Do we too often prevent young people from accomplishing great things at early ages when we consign them to institutionalized schooling?

A Possible Drawback to Letting Everybody Vote

According to a famous Russian thinker, it might not actually be a sign of "freedom and equality".

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization

3 Tips from Aristotle on Fighting Loneliness

Wisdom On Loving and Being Loved

Twitter Doesn’t Realize that Protecting Hate Speech Promotes Tolerance

Which is more dangerous: “Offensive” words or suppression of speech?

Sorites Paradox: When is a Heap of Sand No Longer a Heap?

The logic puzzle can teach a lesson on the importance of using precise language.

UVA President Gets in Trouble for Quoting… Jefferson?

I’m convinced our higher education system has lost just about every shred of common sense it had.

The Electoral College is Genius

It is one of the Constitution’s accidentally great procedural features for deterring the concentration of political power.

Why Schools Should Teach Rational Discourse

We might see safe spaces disappear if we did...

Is Trump the New Constantine?

Western civilisation is facing huge threats, from within and without. And apparently the one powerful emerging leader is no saint.


How the Bible Won a WWI Battle

A culturally literate person knows the Bible...

Is Another Civil War Really Possible?

Recent presidential elections have ignited talk of it. 

A 1791 Warning on Voter Fraud

Does it really affect us if cheating occurs at the ballot box?

Not Sure How to Vote? Try John Adams’ Advice.

If more Americans followed his advice, perhaps we would experience a more informed and civil election season than the one we’re expecting.

Can You Name America’s First Presidents?

Many college students can't even name Thomas Jefferson as one of them.

John Dewey and the Progressive Case for Homeschooling

John Dewey wasn't exactly a proponent of homeschooling, but he could have been.

America Used to Elect its Presidents Way Differently

Once upon a time in America, it was considered vulgar to seek the nation’s highest office. But then things changed.