Trump Calls for Middle East to ‘Take the Lead’ in Fighting Terrorism

Trump Calls for Middle East to ‘Take the Lead’ in Fighting Terrorism

Trump also criticized Iran for providing “safe harbor, financial backing, social standing for recruitment.”

Bill Nye’s Doomsday Predictions on Overpopulation Get Lambasted

We the Internet TV just rolled out a new video on ‘the Science Guy’.

You Can't Deny that Venezuela is a Socialist Calamity

As Venezuela descends into a nightmare of starvation and violence, the long-standing debate over the feasibility of socialism takes on new relevance.

Cultural Appropriation Column Costs Magazine Editor His Job

Hal Niedzviecki said literature becomes “exhaustingly white and middle class” when writers are discouraged from writing about other cultures.

Dostoyevsky on Why Lust is Dangerous

Dostoyevsky on Why Lust is Dangerous

Lust and its corrupting power are a central theme in Dostoyevsky's masterpiece 'The Brothers of Karamazov.'

What Anne Shirley Teaches about Dealing with Victimhood

L.M. Montgomery's beloved Anne books give many examples of how true victims should behave.

The Epic of Gilgamesh: A Guide to the Classics

The Epic of Gilgamesh explores the nature and meaning of being human, and asks the questions that continue to be debated in the modern day.

MIT Is Making Kid-Friendly Communist Propaganda

'Communism for Kids' is coming to a bookstore near you.

What's So Bad about the Empire?

What does Emperor Palpatine actually do with his power?

Divorce is Making Inequality Worse, International Study Finds

We hold equality in very high esteem these days. But given this study, I wonder if we are overlooking one of the greatest equalizers around.

Where did Nazi doctors learn their ethics?

They had plenty of ethics - just the wrong kind.

Free College Works--If You Want to Help the Rich

England ditched free college because it only increased inequities between rich and poor.

How May Day Went From a Religious Holiday to a Socialist One

Communist countries have enshrined May Day as one of their most important holidays, often marked by elaborate workforce parades. 

What Princess Charlotte’s Portrait Teaches Us about Raising Adults

What Princess Charlotte’s Portrait Teaches Us about Raising Adults

The Royals have caught onto an idea that’s been completely overlooked by all of us commoners across the pond.

How J.R.R. Tolkien Responded to News of the Atomic Bomb

His response serves as a reminder of the dangers we currently face.  

This 1890 Australian Homework Book Puts Today’s Students to Shame

Was the owner a "clever child," or were education standards much more rigorous a century ago?

Huffington Post Gets Duped By White Guy Posing as Feminist

On April 13, the Huffington Post published an editorial advocating stripping white men of voting rights. It went viral, but then things got weird.

On Syria and the Confusion of Consuming News in the Age of Trump

In Syria's fog of war, the truth splinters into countless half-truths, conflicting conclusions and incomplete accounts.

Why an Epidemic of Lonely Children is Upon Us

The British counseling service, Childline, has recently reported an uptick in the number of lonely children. But why?

Mohammed Cartoon Publisher: The Definition of Tolerance has Changed

Is it possible that this is what is driving the chaos we are witnessing in society?

Are Rights Anything More Than Legal Conventions?

Philosophers have debated the nature of human rights since at least the 12th century, often under the name of ‘natural rights’.

Techniques of 19th-century fake news reporter teach us why we are suckers for it

By the 1850s, fake news was so widespread in Germany that it had become its own genre – the “unechte Korrespondenz.”

Does Trump Have the Authority to Attack Syria?

Despite Trump’s past tweets that the U.S. should “stay the hell out of Syria,” he decided the U.S. should back up international law.

The Progressive Roots of Fascism

Popular wisdom holds that Fascism and Communism were diametrical opposites.  They weren't.

Should Schools Teach Students to Shoot?

One school's experience suggests it wouldn't hurt.

The Truth About Spider Bites in Australia

Are they really likely to eat your flesh?

Is the West Worth Defending?

We should respond to the question of whether the West is worth defending by first asking this:  Which West are we being asked to defend?