U.S. Kids Can't Compete Globally in Financial Knowledge

In the most recent PISA exam American students ranked between eight and 12 out of 18 countries, measuring below other developed nations like itself.

Why Lepanto Still Matters

Today marks the 445th anniversary of Christendom’s pivotal victory over the Ottoman Empire.

The Crazy Story of How Vladimir Putin Joined the KGB

The Crazy Story of How Vladimir Putin Joined the KGB

In ninth grade, a young Vladimir Putin walked to the local KGB office and asked how he could join.

Professor: 'Me Generation' Not Doing Chores (And Why That's Bad)

Today, children are perceived as emotional assets whose primary purpose is being loved. As a result, we are facing a “me, me, me epidemic.”

Are Women the Biggest Losers in the ‘Selfie Culture’?

A recently published study revealed that young women have experienced an alarming uptick in self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and poor mental health.

Before Indiana Jones came Abraham Hyacinthe Anquetil-Duperron

The image of the Orientalist-hero that he pioneered not only endured but grew into a celebrated and symbolic archetype of Western culture.

Our IQs Are Shrinking (A Lot), Study Finds

A study found that IQs in Western nations have dropped more than one point per decade since the Victorian Era.

What France's Experience With Free College Can Teach Us

France got rid of the ‘elitist’ system of getting accepted to a university. How did it work out?

Apprenticeship-Trained Workers A Hot Ticket. But Why?

Perhaps it’s time we realize that those who opt for the less popular apprenticeship track may be the ones with the brains to foster true success.

Is Anyone Else Confused About the Hijab?

People can’t seem to figure out if the hijab should be celebrated as a symbol of diversity or condemned as a symbol of female oppression.

Should Female Chess Champions Be Forced to Wear a Hijab?

They'll have to at the 2017 chess championship in Iran.

Students are Clueless about the Holocaust

A man-on-the-street video shows just how bad this cluelessness is.

How Coffee Drinking Helped Advance Women's Rights

How Coffee Drinking Helped Advance Women's Rights

The coffee house was one of the earliest public institutions in Europe, but women weren't always welcome.

Can You Pass Geography 101?

10 Questions. Can you do it?

McDonald’s Sacks 70 Accountants, Replaces Them With Foreign Workers

America’s top fast food chain has fired 70 American accountants and replaced them with foreign workers, reports say.

Mediocrity: The Force Driving Parents to Homeschool?

“Most public schools are good at doing what they’re intended to do – provide a uniform ‘education’ to the masses. If you want that, go for it."

The Surprising Store that Raises Home Prices $6,500

About 10 to 15 years ago, a small grocery store opened its doors in my neighborhood.

UK to Construct Wall to Stem Flow of Illegal Immigrants

"The French army needs to be deployed because the situation is getting worse."

Why Did Duterte Call Obama a 'Son of a Whore'?

It’s the latest in a string of PR disasters for the Philippines in the West. 

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know World History?

Test yourself with these 15 questions on world history.

Why Did Japan’s Massacre of Disabled Gone Unnoticed?

Why Did Japan’s Massacre of Disabled Gone Unnoticed?

“There was no hashtag. No public outcry. Not even prayers.”

It's Up to America to Save Western Civilization

When it comes to Western civilization, we have reached a moment of decision.

Universities Should Bring Back Military History

Universities Should Bring Back Military History

The U.S. military is everywhere, except history books.

Does High School Financial Literacy = Debt Improvement?

Instead of pushing every student toward college, would it be wiser to make financial literacy courses in high school a priority?

What happened when a Muslim student went to Cambridge in 1816

Mirza Salih was invited to Cambridge to help translate the Bible into Persian.

Why the US needs more Career and Technical Education

In the U.S., career and technical education is looked upon as the career path for “dumb students.” Not so in other countries.