How Our Perception of Masculinity is Changing

Does the public have a decidedly negative view of masculinity?

Death By Government: The Primary Fact of the 20th Century

Death By Government: The Primary Fact of the 20th Century

The late R.J. Rummel revealed a dark truth: Four times the number of persons were murdered by their governments than killed in warfare.​

The 5 Likeliest Reasons for an Airline Disaster

A look at the five most common reasons for plane crashes and other airline disasters. 

Are Unmarried Cohabiting Parents as Effective as Married Ones?

Modern society has come to accept cohabitation out of a desire to be open-minded.

Don’t Find Yourself, Overcome Yourself

Don’t Find Yourself, Overcome Yourself

The modern obsession with self-discovery is all wrong, suggests a Harvard professor and his colleague. 

Apprenticeship in High School? This State is Trying It.

The perks of the program are nothing to sneeze at.

How Leftists Fail at Leftism

Those who push for restrictive trade barriers are examples of what philosopher Jason Brennan calls Leftists Bad at Leftism.

Why Not Polygamy?

A Muslim academic explains how monogamy degrades many Muslim women.

Are We Failing to Teach Boys how to Treat Women?

Would we see a greater culture of respect if we taught young men and women to value and embrace the differences between the sexes?

Did a 15-Year-Old Student Discover a Lost Mayan City?

Scientists acknowledge that the student, who used a star map and Google Earth, discovered something large and man made. 

Expert: 'Focus on Diversity' Is Causing British Universities to Decline

British universities have slipped in world rankings

What C.S. Lewis Thought of Testing

Remarkable insight from the past on a trending issue.

Test Scores in Trinidad Skyrocketed After This One Simple Change

It might not be fashionable, but it’s hard to argue with the results.

An Auschwitz Survivior's Search for Meaning

An Auschwitz Survivior's Search for Meaning

Much can be learned from Viktor Frankl, a Jewish psychiatrist from Austria who spent three years in concentration camps.

3 Things U.S. Schools Can Learn from Finland

Given their student success rate, is it possible that they’ve discovered a paradigm from which American schools could benefit?

Would Math Scores Improve if Schools Taught Logic?

"Math is simply a matter of stating the terms of your argument and then defending those statements using logic."

The Woman Who Warned the World about Hitler

The "Tory rebel" lost her seat in Parliament for her opposition to Neville Chamberlain, but was vindicated by history. 

Audrey Hepburn on Life under Nazi Occupation

"It’s worse than you could ever imagine.” 

Should U.S. Schools Encourage a ‘Gap Year’?

There might be more benefits to taking a year off between high school and college than we realize.


10 Ways to Avoid Picky Eater Syndrome

The most traumatic family battles are fought at the very place which should be a place of harmony and connection: the dinner table.

Why European Children Are Less Noisy Than American Children

Europeans and Americans treat public places very differently. 

Should Children Have Rights?

Is there a way to give children rights without raising them to be ill-behaved little terrors?

U.S. Schools Using Greek and Latin to Boost Reading Skills

One elementary school began teaching Greek and Latin word roots and saw interesting results...

The ‘Haunted’ Baby Craze in Thailand

Why are Thai women carrying around fake kids? And are they really haunted? 

Is the Current Economy Killing People?

According to the CDC, suicide rates are higher than during the Great Depression.

When Americans thought hair was a window into the soul

Hair used to be a huge deal to people.