Love or Hate the Term ‘Snowflake’? Thank 'Fight Club'

It comes directly from Chuck Palahniuk’s book, on which David Fincher’s 1997 film is based. 

Odysseus' Voyage: What We Can Learn From Homer's Everyman

Odysseus serves as an image of homo viator. Man on a journey. Travelling man. Man on a quest.

Politics Will Make You Dumber

One of America's most iconic humorists came to believe politics was the end-all-be-all of everything.  And it ruined him.

On Ben Franklin's Letter to an Atheist

In a 1757, Ben Franklin scolded a friend preparing to publish an atheist tract. But was Franklin's reason sound? 

How Teachers Are Doing Violence to Books

These categories end up being imposed on just about every piece of literature that today's students read. 

The Radical Skepticism of Impressionism

The paradox is this: All that is radical must be rooted. 

8 Characteristics of a Rational Soul

Nearly two thousand years ago, a well-known philosopher laid out the characteristics that make up a rational person. 

Is There a Way to Stop America’s Minds from Closing?

If we want our children to have a better education than we had will we have to train our children to educate themselves?

Education Leader Explains 4 Reasons Why Today’s Students Can’t Write

Do you think we would see a drastic improvement in writing ability if we corrected even one of these areas in today’s schools?

MLK's Nobel Peace Prize Speech

A speech for the ages.

Thomas Paine on the Dangers of Elitism

Would Paine equate today's politicians with King George?

College Shouldn’t Be Considered the Only Option for Success

Pushing everyone toward college can only lead to disillusionment and lost opportunities for both the student and society at large.

Why Is School Compulsory?

School has nothing to do with freedom.

Wise (and Timeless) Advice from Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling’s outspoken views on the foreign and domestic policies of his day guaranteed him some powerful enemies. 

QUIZ: Can You Ace This High School Literature Exam?

Answer these 12 questions to find out. 

Shakespeare the Scapegoat: Sacrificing the Bard on an Altar of Ignorance

Ivy League students removed a hallway portrait of William Shakespeare (too white) and replaced it with a photo of black lesbian activist.

The Executioner's Song: The Best Nonfiction Novel I've Read

The Executioner's Song: The Best Nonfiction Novel I've Read

If you’re looking to start a great book in 2017, this might be the place to start.

George Orwell's Review of Mein Kampf

While working as a journalist during the Second World War, Orwell penned a review of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. 

When Rudolph Meets Beowulf

Here is what the modern Christmas ditty looks like in heroic Anglo-Saxon metre.

How to Overcome Awkward Conversations During the Holidays

The reality is that almost everyone–single, infertile, overwhelmed by parenting, out of work–has their own set of heartaches and personal issues.

Study Explains Best Way to Bond with Kids While Reading

For many years now, my family has always tried to make some time over the holidays to sit down together and read old Christmas stories.

Washington Irving on the Problem with Christmas

In 1820, he offered a critique on the problem of the modern Christmas. Does it sound familiar?

The Story Behind Charles Dickens' ‘A Christmas Carol’

Originally he had intended to write a pamphlet called “An Appeal to the People of England, on Behalf of the Poor Man's Child.”

About Those Apparitions Who Shook Down Scrooge for Money

What was the real purpose of this psychological waterboarding?

The Evolution of King Arthur

The name Arthur first appears in the work of the 9th century Welsh historian Nennius, who lists twelve battles Arthur fought against invading Saxons.

The Historical Origin of 'Political Correctness'

A professor at Boston University recently touched on origins of the term ‘politically correct.’ And it's revealing.