Chesterton: In Defense of Eating that Christmas Turkey

The holiday season is here, and with it comes the dance to make sure nobody is offended.

Why Donald Trump Should Heed Plato on Foreign Policy

Does the ancient Greek philosopher offer a new way forward? 

Are Schools Designed to Keep Kids from ‘Learning Too Much’?

John Taylor Gatto, a former Teacher of the Year, said historical records show that governments often fear ‘common people learning too much.’

Louisa May Alcott’s Insightful Advice for Young Women

Louisa May Alcott had some interesting views as a feminist.

1 in 3 Men Didn’t Read a Single Book Last Year

If the trend of having fewer Americans read books continues, will we condemn ourselves to a future of stagnant and narrow thought?

Was Shakespeare Really a Nihilist?

In order to answer the question, we need to know the difference between what Shakespeare said and what Shakespeare wrote.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization

How this Guy Got into Med School By Pretending to be Black

An Indian-American's true story shows how diversity-justified affirmative action excludes as many individuals based on their ancestry as it includes.

The Most Beautiful Passage on Sorrow in Literature

It comes in a nineteenth century comedy about three men (and a dog) who take a boating trip down the Thames River. 

C.S. Lewis Explains How Governments Create ‘Tame Human Animals’

A ‘freeborn mind’ results in a richer and happier life, Lewis argued. But he saw that vanishing in modern society.

Ponyboy Was NOT Gay (Not that there is Anything Wrong with that!)

Author S.E. Hinton recently came under fire for saying characters in 'The Outsiders' weren’t written gay. 

Stephen King’s 6 Favorite Stephen King Movies

And the celebrated movie he hated.

The First Known Depiction of a Witch on a Broomstick

The "broom was a symbol of female domesticity, yet the broom was also phallic, so riding on one was a symbol of female sexuality."

A Culturally Literate Person Knows the Bible

A professor argues that it broadens our understanding of the present.

The Best Way to Teach Kids to Hate History? Rely Only on Textbooks

"Textbooks are so badly written. They're boring!"

Lost in translation: five common English phrases you may be using incorrectly

Lost in translation: five common English phrases you may be using incorrectly

Can we be said to be using a phrase incorrectly if it has assumed a new meaning by being repeatedly used in a certain way?

C.S. Lewis: 3 Reasons Why Students Should Read Old Books

"We all, therefore, need the books that will correct the characteristic mistakes of our own period. And that means the old books."

Without Self-Education, the West Will Probably Die

We have a world of knowledge at our fingertips, and not many are partaking.

Did Alexander Hamilton Have a Love Affair With John Laurens?

John Laurens, a young colonial officer from South Carolina, shared many letters of affection with Hamilton.

Why Fairy Tales Are So Dangerous

A Christian writer's response to Richard Dawkins.

Are We Boring Students to Death?

Is raising the bar instead of lowering it the key to getting more students to succeed in school?

The Crazy Story of How Vladimir Putin Joined the KGB

The Crazy Story of How Vladimir Putin Joined the KGB

In ninth grade, a young Vladimir Putin walked to the local KGB office and asked how he could join.

Is it Time We Got Serious about Teaching Logic?

After the first presidential debate of 2016, CNN decided to see what the kids thought of the spectacle. The answer? Not much:

Professor: Our ‘Inventory of Knowledge’ is Being Lost

Has throwing out history, memorization, and difficult books crippled students by not giving them the tools upon which they can build their thoughts?

How Emotionalism is Slowly Replacing Rationalism

Jane Austen's Marianne Dashwood is a perfect example of today's society, whose every action seems to hinge on an emotional outbreak.