Salman Rushdie’s Surprising Advice to Schools Today

Hopefully the education system won't issue a fatwa over his comments...

Why Did Dante’s Inferno Have a Real-Life Saint in Hell?

The decision to use historic figures in his Divine Comedy could be the poem’s one great flaw.  

Helen Keller’s Reading Program Might Help Today’s Students

Helen Keller’s Reading Program Might Help Today’s Students

Since only 37% of American high schoolers can read, perhaps it's time we try some reading methods used by Helen's teacher, Anne Sullivan.

Chesterton’s Beautiful Nightmare

Chesterton’s Beautiful Nightmare

A fevered dream turned into a powerful novel.

How Books in the Home Impact Future Income

Earnings increased by 21% for men who grew up in a household full of books.


What Tocqueville Would Think about Modern Job Jumping

Ever feel that Americans are increasingly on the go?

10 Provocative Quotes on Education from Ray Bradbury

From the author of the prophetic book "Fahrenheit 451"

Bonhoeffer on the ‘Levelling Down’ of Society

“We are witnessing the levelling down of all ranks of society...."

Healthy: Let Your Beliefs Be Challenged

Being educated means tolerating tough questions about what you believe.

Should Boys be Encouraged to Live Dangerously?

Is it possible that the current generation of children is increasingly void of knowledge when it comes to creating things for themselves?

In Defense of Hamlet: No, the Play is not Misogynistic

Shakespeare's man in black is the latest victim of the gender wars. Critics claim he is an "abusive boyfriend."   

16 Politically Incorrect Thoughts from H.D. Thoreau

Warning: Some of these ideas may cause dizziness, shortness of breath, or irritation to conformist thinkers. 

How Pagan Writings Convinced a Famous Atheist to Convert to Christianity

"If I met the idea of sacrifice in a Pagan story I didn’t mind it at all … I liked it very much and was mysteriously moved by it."

Do Children Learn to Read Better From Their Parents?

Do Children Learn to Read Better From Their Parents?

Today, 14 percent of adults can’t read, and of those who can, only 13 percent are able to do so proficiently.

The Decay of our Language is Happening

Something is clearly rotten in the state of language. 

Chesterton's Take on Oscar Wilde

While the two literary giants displayed similar styles, they viewed reality in fundamentally different ways. 

15 of Mark Twain’s Sassiest Witticisms
18 Ways Lord of Rings is Christian Allegory

18 Ways Lord of Rings is Christian Allegory

Tolkien once called Lord of the Rings “a fundamentally religious and Catholic work." Here are (about) 18 examples showing what he meant.

Should Students be Taught to Argue Rationally?

If the high amount of emotional arguing is any indicator, students aren't learning the critical thinking which schools claim to teach.

Teacher Faces Termination for BUYING BOOKS for Students

The New York Post reports that the award-winning teacher has been removed from the classroom and faces possible termination.

How Tyrants Rise: Plato's Eerie 2,500 Year-Old Warning

When citizens are alienated from the political process they look to a champion to attack the oligarchs ruling over them. The champion will become the tyrant, Plato suggests. 

Are We Failing to Teach Boys how to Treat Women?

Would we see a greater culture of respect if we taught young men and women to value and embrace the differences between the sexes?

Is It Time to Stop Bashing the Liberal Arts?

The debate about the relative value of studying the liberal arts is usually framed by a false dichotomy.

One Simple Way to Keep Your Child from Being a Reading Statistic

One Simple Way to Keep Your Child from Being a Reading Statistic

Between 2011 and 2015 the number of American adults who didn’t read a book in the course of a single year went from 1 in 5 to fewer than 1 in 4.

What Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’ Gets Right About Rules

The most sacred rule of the jungle is that animals never hunt and eat man, outside of rare approved circumstances. Under this guiding tenet, Kipling crafts a case study of behavior.

What C.S. Lewis Thought of Testing

Remarkable insight from the past on a trending issue.

Book BURNERS and Book BANNERS are Cut from the Same Cloth

Make no mistake, the book banners have the same motivation as the book burners. 

Science Fiction: Why So Many Intellectuals Despise It

The genre was sneered at for years by those who viewed it as "low-class, childish, and quasi-pornographic."